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Metalcore é uma fusão entre Thrash Metal e Hardcore Punk. O Movimento foi iniciado na cidade de Nova Iorque na década de 80 e está atualmente no ápice. Bandas como Atreyu, As I Lay Dying , Bullet For My Valentine e Killswitch Engage estão entre os principais nomes hoje em dia.

Algumas bandas de Metalcore recebem também influencias diretas e indiretas do Heavy Metal e do Hard Rock em suas partes melódicas e harmonias, em bandas como Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch… leia mais

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  • Avatar de Toxic_Griever
    "Fusion" genres like metalcore are like that though. They exist on a spectrum between their two (or more) parent genres. Acting like there is a big enough difference between "metalcore" and "metallic hardcore" to use the terms as anything other than synonyms is drawing differences that aren't necessary.
  • Avatar de JamuraiSack
    I'm more into OG metalcore like Converge, Earth Crisis, Integrity, Starkweather and Cave In as mentioned but I still consider metalcore and metallic hardcore difference even during that time period when it was coming about. Like Earth Crisis or Starkweather is "metal enough" to be metalcore as opposed to metallic hardcore so to speak.
  • Avatar de MoogInRow
    At least thats the way that I like to look at it
  • Avatar de MoogInRow
    Metallic Hardcore is just another form of Metalcore, all of those bands you mentioned are Metalcore just different forms of it.
  • Avatar de bobo9390
    Good taste though. Just not Scene at all.
  • Avatar de bobo9390
    v lol why it always non-Scenesters acting like their opinion on Scenecore matters? You rarely see scene kids talking shit on Metallic Hardcore so I can't understand why it would work the other way around. You're simply not true Scene.
  • Avatar de Toxic_Griever
    "saying that Metalcore is another word for Metallic Hardcore is pushing it" - Only if you're a former scene kiddie who grew up with melodic metalcore acts like Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and Shadows Fall instead of real metalcore like Converge, Earth Crisis, Integrity, Starkweather and Cave In.
  • Avatar de bobo9390
    I miss the days of sentence long song titles and neon band merch. There's still plenty of good Metalcore coming out, but the genre will be stagnant until the zany era makes a return. It's inevitable. Just a matter of when.
  • Avatar de yoshi007master
    99.9% cancer
  • Avatar de JamuraiSack
    fxdxhxl never said it didn't come from the same place, I was saying they is a considerable difference (It's hair splitting but there is a difference).

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