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  • o/ всем диванным полководцам
  • Thanks for Follow the Martial-Neofolk Playlist (Group)
  • I'm trying to set up an aesthetic revolt at based on military industrial art of propaganda and militant beauty. I'm looking for programmers, people who are fed up with the tyranny of normallity and base needs over glory!
  • - GRANDIOSE ! TOP Indus Martial ! Les Jumelles !
  • @ los_garrador: Godwin's Law Industrial?
  • sweet
  • Hitler Industrial
  • o/
  • lol
  • Recently Added: The System Has Failed - Megadeth. Yeah, Megadeth is my favourite martial industrial ever. -.-
  • I'm looking for some martial with Middle Eastern folk/traditional music, such as Enduser - vishnu's eastern block (line 47 remix); i'm into martial industrial and i'd like to know some martial/war music from other cultures. reply to my page. thanks.
  • this is just perfect, I like everything under this tag, the samples are priceless
  • war climate is nice in music...
  • tokio hotel added : D ....or as a martial industrial band their name would be... like: " Fernsonnenland-Haupt Blutheimat unter Stahlträger" or something like that.
  • Rahowa from SPAIN.
  • I like the artists' taste in clothing [2]
  • I like the artists' taste in clothing
  • Feel the military industrial assault by Legionarii! New and strong project on the scene
  • Свершилось! Флагманы российской пост-индустриальной сцены B.V.T.Y.R.K.A. и известный всем ценителям дроун эмбиента музыкант Михаил О))) записали свой совместный сингл.
  • A new self-released, high audio quality neofolk/martial recording: [url=]Qui est le Traître?[/url] Recommended try-out tracks: The Sun, The Eternal Circuit of Promises.
  • LydiaKitten obviously seems to believe that making idiot music for people to masturbate in SS uniforms to is not kitschy in any way shape or form, and this is coming from someone who really likes Rome (and does not masturbate in an SS uniform)
  • NEW MARCH OF HEROES available for download More information n the official facebook page
  • grammar is really kitsch.
  • "Disgusting kitsch" said the woman wearing the feathered boa while listening to The Knife and Peter Gabriel, obviously unable to capitalise or use punctuation. Anyone else see the irony here, or are hipster kids rubbing off on me again?
  • disgusting kitsch
  • Wagner wannabes
  • Get off my interwebs, kid.
  • Definition of 'Martial': 1. of, relating to, or suited for war or a warrior; 2. relating to an army or to military life; 3. experienced in or inclined to war: warlike. -- Lern2english.
  • haha no laibach in the top 8
  • I did chuckle a bit seeing Lady GaGa labeled as Cryptofa.
  • It's comforting to know that there is still comfortable discomforting music like this in this uncomfortable world.
  • muahuahuahu pure shit
  • I'm assuming, and hoping someone tagged Lady Gaga Martial Industrial as a joke. Even so, it's an incredibly imbecilic one.
  • Proof that percussion is a huge part of industrial music
  • cockiest genre ever...karjalan sissit was interesting...but also cocky
  • and oh, today mass media reported tt german football team has quite a few martial industrial gays ... :O not tt it mattered to me.
  • Waffenruhe's Ehrerbietung ... exotic tune i like!
  • What? Lady Gaga's been tagged this? Dx
  • This is what i like
  • For those of you that haven't heard, Gilded Age Records is a community of artists that share a common bond of old world influence in their music. From Steampunk, Cabaret, Swing, Neo-Classical, Martial-Industrial, and everything in between. We currently feature forty international artists all bearing unique styles and sounds. And now you can follow all of our artists via our new [url=!/pages/Gilded-Age-Records/122519387775698?ref=ts]Facebook group[/url]. The main site is located at: and our MySpace with a free mp3 player is at:
  • Heilige
  • is it only me or does more people notice that there are a lot of germans in this genre?
  • Just like Britney Spears, they way they dress is what makes them hot.
  • well britney used to wear army dominatrix clothes in some of her concerts
  • Дойч непал - перспективный исполнитель? мда
  • it's a kind of music obscure. it's cool, deep and complex, but when i heard it, i feel like there's a big space in blank, space one i must discover and try to understand...
  • Welcome in [url= Militarmusik]Die Militarmusik[/url]
  • I find interesting the way they all dress like gay bdsm porn actors.


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