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O East Coast Rap se refere ao Rap feito na Costa Leste dos EUA. Foi lá onde o Rap se originalizou e alcançou a popularidade nos anos 70/80. O Rap da East Coast é mais conhecido de lugares como Brooklyn (The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Mos Def), Queens (Nas, Mobb Deep, Onyx, Eric B. & Rakim), Bronx (KRS-One, Slick Rick, Big Pun), Staten Island (Wu-Tang Clan), Harlem (Big L) e outros. No início dos anos 90 o Rap… leia mais

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  • I have lived on the east coast my whole life and east coast rap is near and dear to me. However, I'm more of a [tag]west coast rap[/tag] fan.
  • New west coast vibe that'll get you lifted check Rae out!
  • jalbertdowdenii who the fuck are you talking to???
  • The funny af putting on east coast rap
  • east coast hip hop doesn't have a distinctive "sound"...per say; or rather, not one that is congruent throughout. whereas west coast can be categorized as g funk, or having funk elements and synthesizers, east coast is more about flow and lyrical domination. domination, as in dexterity, battles, etc. i think east coast is "more grimey" or gangsta, but that's just my opinion. west-coast had tons of gangsta rappers...but east coast (imo) is much more raw, not as synthetic. hip-hop started on the east coast and if you listen enough you'll be able to pick artists out by where they are from. sounds vague and lame, but i can do it.
  • @uzpurne East Coast Hip-Hop is simply Hip-Hop that came from the East Coast, such as New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland or Virginia..
  • The description still doesn't help me understand what the style is about : (
  • notorius east coast
  • biggie = east coast

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