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  • Avatar de Roncsipar
    dubstep = isolationism without an edge
  • Avatar de GentleMadness
    Dub step on faces!
  • Avatar de BassR
    Totally addicted to Dub (o0)
  • Avatar de humaniac
    опапсел шо пестец. а так мило всё начиналось..
  • Avatar de starkemptiness
    Some recommendations for instrumental dubstep? without samples, or at least really quite sampless?
  • Avatar de dubswitch
    hey..big up! check out serbian dubstep crew
  • Avatar de PhatKoknoz
    2 new tracks available to stream on my page All 7 new tracks available from Renegade Screw in as both direct download (zip) or high speed torrent download Renegade Screw is a dynamic young organisation promoting unique explorations into the interconnected worlds of music, arts and poetry. The site will feature work by a variety of artists based in Luxembourg and Edinburgh, and then hopefully beyond!
  • Avatar de karmine777
    New dubstep community launched! Video & music uploads, profiles + loads more. Its like a myspace / facebook / flickr / youtube but 100% dubstep! Show your support at Big up ya chest.
  • Avatar de 2krazy
    many new mixes and recordings from our nites at
  • Avatar de djusss
    Hot stuff right here :
  • Avatar de spankyx
    yumm, i really need to get this in my library.
  • Avatar de humaniac
    а ведь так хорошо начиналось, если бы не опопсение и куча хуеты
  • Avatar de MasterStryke
  • Avatar de chuuzetsu
    [artist]goth-trad[/artist] is best
  • Avatar de rumblejazz - interview with Flux Pavilion about his release with Dub Police's Trolley Snatcha
  • Avatar de ugotpwnd
    same! :D:D
  • Avatar de 3inT
    I listened to dubstep before I knew it was dubstep.
  • Avatar de bleepfunk
    check for free deep dubstep track "Albino"
  • Avatar de Nethiros
    davwuh is the worst crap i've ever listened to. there's so much better free dubstep
  • Avatar de InKursion
    Davwuh defines dubstep
  • Avatar de fuel_clau
  • Avatar de Cirus206
    yeah, dubstep blows...all other types of music out of the water!!! HAHA
  • Avatar de dispatchthem
  • Avatar de RBMATaster
    Beste Muziekliefhebbers, Op 8, 9 en 10 mei wordt in Amsterdam weer een editie van de Red Bull Music Academy Taster georganiseerd! De zeer bijzondere locatie houden we nog even geheim. Wat we wel al kunnen prijsgeven zijn de namen van twee van de lecturers die aanwezig zullen zijn om de deelnemers te voorzien van een flinke dosis inspiratie: Martyn en Tom Oberheim. Martyn is de aanvoerder van de Nederlandse dubstep scene, hoewel hij op zijn briljante nieuwe album Great Lengths laat horen dat hij ook uit de voeten kan met (deep) house, breaks en techno. Hij is inmiddels getrouwd en woont in Washington DC, maar maakt speciaal voor de gelegenheid de overtocht richting Europa.
  • Avatar de RBMATaster
    Tom Oberheim is de uitvinder van de polyfone synthesizer. Deze uitvinding heeft pop, hiphop en dance radicaal beïnvloed. De vriendelijke Amerikaan is inmiddels 72 jaar oud en kan fantastisch vertellen over zijn unieke ervaringen in de muziekindustrie. De Taster is een compacte, lokale versie van de internationale Red Bull Music Academy die in 2010 in Londen zal worden gehouden. Anders dan voorgaande jaren is er geen inschrijving mogelijk, maar is iedereen welkom. Het aantal beschikbare plaatsen is echter beperkt. Dus als je komt: kom op tijd! Meer info volgt… Check de sfeerimpressie van de editie van 2007 in Pakhuis de Zwijger: Volg de laatste updates over het programma en lecturers via onze Twitter account: Groeten van Minggus Dorpmans en Eric van den Bogaard namens de Red Bull Music Academy.
  • Avatar de siesta81
    Hii everybody. Can any one recommend something nice on my page :-) Please, I am out of fantasy!
  • Avatar de gyztav
    can anyone recommend something that sounds like the venetian snares's - sabbath dubs please? :D
  • Avatar de willjazz1
    are there any live dubstep tracks out there, as in using live instruments?
  • Avatar de Mysteriis92
    One of the only non-metal/punk genres I love.
  • Avatar de cixxxj
    [artist]Dubbwune[/artist] is on here as well!
  • Avatar de surgeon
  • Avatar de igOrOGOGO
    Top 3 dubstep artists -
  • Avatar de automat3000
    These and Martyn, Headhunter, Pinch, Peverelist, Scuba & 2562 to name a few.
  • Avatar de Pempi
    new dubs here feedback appreciated , peace
  • Avatar de andreinstein
    The ones you see here.
  • Avatar de hitchcockm00
    Don't feed the troll!
  • Avatar de LewisMayBOnFire
    and which bit of the last rant i said did you base that assertion on? cause y'know, i can hardly have a disproportionate go back at you if you don't give me something to base it on :'(
  • Avatar de blatblatmatt
    You're a fuckwit, Lewis.
  • Avatar de LewisMayBOnFire
    spine* :D
  • Avatar de LewisMayBOnFire
    avenged are talented musicians, you can't fight that. and i think their songwriting skills stand up to scrutiny too... slipknot have some kind of primal force behind their music which just sends shivers down my spice, and Corey is a brilliant lyricist. AFI are okay, nothing to write home about.
  • Avatar de SevenTongues
    Wait, let me get this straight, you like AFI, Slipknot, and Avenged Sevenfold? lol
  • Avatar de LewisMayBOnFire
    alright, point taken ^_^ i was mostly trying to start a fight anyway. disappointingly, everybody's been incredibly mature and respectful. where are the raving twats when you need them? :)
  • Avatar de snowball1984
    I think dubstep is less headachy than indie pop rockers and metal. But it's just my opinion.
  • Avatar de LewisMayBOnFire
    well, i appreciate the reply, and yeah i certainly will go listen to Burial, though i certainly don't think hardcore bands have nothing to say- there is a lot of politics in hardcore music and often they are prepared to fight for causes that are controversial (Veganism/ the whole straight edge business, for example). as for metal, i love it, but admittedly it doesn't shape the way people think, it's just that there is so much energy and musical talent in it. as for all the indie pop-rockers, they don't really deserve defending lol i'll go with you on that one, i just find them much less headachy than dubstep. plus i'm a real lyrics fan which doesn't help for me like d 'n b obviously.
  • Avatar de arcaneaether
    *I mean "you talk about dubstep being the music of a cultural wasteland" rather than "you talk about cultural wasteland being the music of a cultural wasteland". :P
  • Avatar de arcaneaether
    I don't think it is. Even though it is disputed, listen to some Burial. The song "In McDonalds" or "Night Bus" both have lots and lots of soul & emotion. Brilliance even. You talk about a cultural wasteland being the music of a cultural wasteland? No, I think it's simply describing it, and using it as a stimulus. The shite that floods the charts - various American Disney stars, the various British indie-pop-rockers, the dull shoegazers and the dumb hardcore/metal scene; that is the music of a cultural wasteland, where music just stands for something to be played in the background and not to be appreciated.
  • Avatar de LewisMayBOnFire
    This is the end of music. it's worse than the most obnoxious grime, worse than the most cliched, misogynistic hard-man rap, worse than hair metal, worse than chart r and b, worse than manufactured boyband dirges. This is the music of a cultural wasteland. Where talent can be found in it, it's doubly tragic, because that talent could have been used for a billion more worthy causes. This is music without a soul.
  • Avatar de urbanfabric
    Dubstep in 2009! Watch out World!
  • Avatar de corganzero
    jamierattigan speaks the truth. the genre is still evolving, and burial's sound is a part of that evolution.
  • Avatar de Tikkanen
    Hi! Level 67, Talented Dubstep dude from Sweden! Check out Tell me if you like it. We hustle the Swedish the dubscen!


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