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  • This tag make no sense[2]
  • yngwie malmsteen Nice To Meet You... Damn hypnotic glases....
  • This tag make no sense.
  • neoclassical?
  • contemporary classical is as oxymoronous as bearded girl.
  • Wow, in January 2010 I was completely oblivious to Reich and Glass...
  • well of course... the classical nature deserves B&W photos
  • Love how Matthew Robert Cooper is on the Hyped Artists... I'm surprised he's not on the top (Eluvium)
  • Is there any colour photo of contemporary composer?!
  • [url=]Monogram Belt Buckle[/url]
  • Those black and white pics...
  • ...are some of this contemporary composers still alive?
  • 20th Century is sooooo.... last century. ;]
  • hmmm, let's look at the top artists, Richter, Glass, Reich, that's cool, that's cool, Einaudi, never heard, Cage, Stockhausen, Part, nice, even better, and then... JOSH GROBAN??? Haha I'm not complaining about the tag but it's a hell of a weird juxtaposition. Like comparing Justin Timberlake to Tom Waits.
  • freaks!
  • <3333
  • [artist]Fariborz Lachini[/artist]
  • May I add Morton Feldman to the list of Contemporary Composers. With his music the space between the notes is of equal importance as the notes themselves. I have just purchased kevin Drumm's "Imperial Distortions" 2 CD album. Surely a work of this magnitude should also have a place within any Contemporary Music catalogue
  • Including music that covers ambient, avant-garde, experimental, minimalist and sheer noise, "The Time-Travellers' Sonic Handbook" has just been released by Circle of Ears. Why not bend an ear to it at
  • Meanwhile, "[Beethoven's Große Fuge is] an absolutely contemporary piece of music that will be contemporary forever."
  • But he was contemporary when the term "contemporary classical" was popularised.
  • Minimalistic melancholy from Finland: [artist]frozen silence[/artist]
  • great
  • ox2
  • Haha, Sergei Prokofiev, Gustav Mahler and Ralph Vaughan Williams are contemporary? Were these tags given in 1908?
  • 20th century contemporary classical, 21st century contemporary classical? :-O
  • sure, you're right, bach WAS contemporary, no doubt about it. that's why we easily should tag 'classic rock' as 'contemporary rock' :-) still relative ?
  • Duh! Contemporary is a rather relative term, isn't it? I bet, in their days, those dead composers where contemporary as well...
  • dead don't deserve tags mhuha-ha-ha! ;)
  • hm, there are a lot of composers who are already dead but nevertheless tagged as 'contemporary classical'. i feel they aren't contemporary, and i know for sure, they aren't "classical".
  • wt...?


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