• Christmas & New Year 2009/2010.

    Out 28 2009, 21h27 por vjsupersaint

    OK so first of all I'm just checking. To see if you're all alive & well out there.

    Are you knackered with just 10 days to go until Christmas?

    OK well those of you that have also joined us in Unsigned Christmas. Will know that we now have 17 very fine tracks there to listen to until January .

    But for those of us here in The UK. This is the one we want to chart. this coming Sunday. Here is my unilaterally copied message to everyone.

    OK well everyone seems to be backing something or someone. For a real XFactor alternative UK Christmas #1 this year. So here's my tip Please follow the link. And then click on the top line. That will take you through to ITunes where you can buy this. http://www.cliffmas.co.uk/ OK so it's a pop song. But at least it's real. By real people. Those being Detox Cute And The Beauty Junkies from Brighton. And it's an original composition by the pair of Popsters themselves. And not some rip-off song that has already been flogged to death. By the so-called popular radio stations. …
  • October Musicfest [Section 1] Europe.

    Out 1 2009, 23h14 por vjsupersaint

    Hello all grab you ears and bring them with you. Here's our monthly reccommendations from group 'Unsigned Europe'
    All artists mentioned are in the order that they were found here onLastFM. And are in no preferential order.They come from a wide range of genres right across the music spectrum.

    So hopefully there's at least one artist here for everyone to like or love. Please at least give them a listen. As all artists mentioned are unattached to any record labels and yet still manage to make great music. All without the safety of being funded by anyone but themselves.

    It's oh so very wrong. But it's only us avid listeners and buyers of their music. That can make it noticeable. And redress the balance in what has become the cutthroat world of music as it is today.

    Now just before I leave you our list. I have to say that I have been approached by a considerable amount of music artists on myspace. I can't advertise how good or great they are if they don't do it themselves. I'm not being harsh, just realistic. …
  • Would you like to receive an exclusive copy of the album and much more? Click here!

    Ago 27 2009, 21h08 por Miscellaneum

    Would you like to invest in miscellaneum´s studio album, to earn some money with its sales, an exclusive copy of the studio album and much more?.

    If you like my music and would like to have a studio album plus BENEFITS OF SALES, you're on the right place to start!. I've recently joined to www.sellaband.com, a platform on the net where listeners & artists collaborate with each other to produce, promote and sell the music you like. Surely you have heard about this revolutionary method which has shocked the music industry worldwide, so as it's pretty clear on 'sellaband' site, I've extracted their policy from the web in ten easy steps+FAQ. Take your time to read, I hope you find it interesting!.


    1) How 'sellaband' works:

    1. Music fans discover new music
    Music fans from all over the world check out thousands of independent artists on SellaBand.

    2. They put their money where their mouth is
  • 'Voices in the head' cd info (read first!)

    Ago 27 2009, 21h04 por Miscellaneum

    Hi everybody!. I've created this post to give some information about my miscellaneum cd Voices in the head, so if you've got some questions (where to buy, news related, future plans,comments & opinions, etc.), this is the right place. Let's start with some points:

    1) About shopping: 'Voices in the head' is only a streamable demo version I have on the net, so it isn't available to download nor shop, sorry.This free listening version has promotional aims, so I've considered pretty unfair to make you pay for a demo version without a good studio recording instead, with the professional sound quality, artwork & layout it (all of you) would deserve.

    2) Actual plans: Keeping in mind these circumstances, I've joined www.sellaband.com. That's up for listeners who want to invest in my studio album, with a minimum of 10$ to start (to see investors benefits & extended info, click here).

    3) Is this the whole 'Voices in the head' album-full tracklist? shows coming soon?: Not yet. …