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  • ol' mau was a kewl guise
  • worst house ever produced [2]
  • worst house ever produced
  • Petting Zoo \m/
  • I'm so confused
  • Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • The Veldt is good.
  • Deadmau5? tI5? EleGiggle 4Head
  • omg what did he do? I love Joel no matter what but I'd bet he's an asshole.
  • Нормальная тема :3
  • I think Joel is amazing, he just doesn't give a f*ck if you like his opinions or not.
  • if only Joel wasn't such a retard
  • Let's just say that if an alien race happened to stumble across earth and threatened to exterminate all of human existence, I would show them strobe. Original edit. That's all you need to know. Joel's an asshole, but he's a genius
  • TI5 HYPE
  • Deadmau5 is such a fucking moron but his music is pretty ok
  • TI5 HYPE [5]
  • TI6 HYPE
  • TI5 HYPE
  • TI5 HYPE
  • TI5 HYPE
  • TI5 HYPE [4]
  • TI ruined
  • >dota
  • TI5 HYPE [3]
  • TI5 HYPE [2]
  • TI Ruined!
  • TI ruined
  • TI finale ruined...
  • ruined TI5 with his neverending crap song
  • TI5 HYPE
  • Does the 5 stand for 5oporific?
  • Dota 2 pack is amongst his best tracks to date!
  • That Dota 2 music pack is mind blowing
  • сколько габен за саунд заплатил?
  • Dota 2, nice
  • #AFP2015. Фанаты скажут, что это было лучшее выступление на мэйне, но я скажу, что было не в тему, и не на той сцене. Нетскай, Боргор и Снэйк буквально рвали жопы, разгорев толпу до невозможности, а потом Мышь играл полтора часа своё уныние. Да, его музыка хороша, но исключительно для домашнего прослушивания... А был фест! Те же Nero умудрились исключительно своими треками и атмосферой зажечь толпу.
  • He's really cool
  • An ultra unusual fan here. Yup, he's fun to listen to. :)
  • Bitter Kitten is so awesome!
  • Hello, let's friend! Follow me on 11k already
  • Get Scraped remained his best work. Really fun album <3 [2]
  • Get Scraped remained his best work. Really fun album <3
  • waiting in russia!
  • Epic
  • Strobe is PERFECT! [2]
  • Sometimes. Things. Get. Complicated.
  • "All i Have" are the chords of my life.
  • <33333
  • "Arguru" is just magic and probably one of the most underrated songs of the 'mau5.
  • Please tell me some Deadmau5 fans have checked out the new Madeon! I can't wait for Madeon's new album "Adventure" to drop on 3/31!


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