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Dead Prez is an American underground political hip hop duo composed of and M-1. They are known for their confrontational style combined with socialist and pan-Africanist lyrics. These lyrics tend to focus on revolution, veganism, institutional racism, critical pedagogy, police, capitalism, education, prison systems, religion, activism against governmental repression, and corporate control over the media, especially…

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  • Dead Prez is a couple of educated mfs. They could drown their audiences in egalitarian clichés & unprovocative anti-racism based in stagnant hollywood hypocrisy & white middle class morals thats arbitrary at best. By studying Russel, Fanon, Sartre & M-L classics & channel their righteous rage into a lyricism of equal parts golden age insults, esplanade rhymes & a non-melodic spoken word still driven by the 4/4 beats. Their politics are void of reformist cowardess; like the Panthers they are actually conscious of the necessary conclusions; the 5% can & wil do anything to write the status quo in stone, so one must perceive all their tentacles (incl. the national & private troops who - by laptop & drone or by hand - carry out the diabolic plans the industry's been nursing for centuries, to bring terror to countries making them void of control & fertile ground for carte blanche on black gov contracts, redistributing public funds to the death industry shaded by expanding terror & mayhem.
  • why "dead prez", not "Dead Prez"?
  • I see what they were trying to do with "Information Age," but it's way too chill for me.
  • they dont hate white people they hate the white system i used to think the same thing but its hatting the system that oppress us great messages and sick beats
  • if you think dead prez is racist...secretly YOU ARE RACIST. [2]
  • Mmmm.. Mind Sex
  • i would like these guys more if I didn't think that they completely hate my guts
  • artist plays - 8 008, plays of track We need revolution - 880. I WISH for LIVE SHOW in Bratislava or VIENNA. ((missed them when they been in Prague:/...))
  • I love thier hiphops :D

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