• Portraits In Stone - new album from Arbelos favourably received

    Fev 16 2008, 16h33 por Ayesongs

    Burns Night 2008 and a new CD is released to the music-loving public. arbelos have released their debut 25th Anniversary (yes, that's right) album Portraits in Stone.

    What fans have said about arbelos:

    'this album reaches my hands at a time when i have taken a keen interest in "psych-folk-prog" (which is, i suppose, one way of describing the music herein).
    full of quirky charm, i am forced to imagine a mad amalgam of Jon Anderson, Syd Barrett, Roy Harper, Peter Gabriel, and perhaps even Leonard Cohen.
    this is the polar opposite of a "chop-fest". (a "chop-less"?)
    atmosphere and a sense of the "off-kilter" are the order of the day here.
    (with a dash of mellotron)' - Bony

    'It sounds like a lost "proto-prog" relic,
c.1970. Kind of somewhere between Syd-era Floyd and the folk-jazz 
Canterbury vibe, with a dash Trespass thrown in (one of my favorite 
prog eras, actually). I also like the overall lo-fi, reverby-ness of 
the recording, too.' - Pete