• How I Discovered my top 25 Artists

    Ago 21 2009, 21h50 por Seahorseshins

    (As of Aug. 21st 2009)

    1. Radiohead
    In 7th grade I was told they were a punk band, and then i saw their article for paranoid android in the "500 Greatest Rock Songs" in Rolling Stone. Boy i was in for a wonderful suprise
    First Song: Paranoid Android
    Favorite Song: Pyramid Song

    2. Sublime
    Heard "Santeria" on the radio as a child. Rediscovered my love for the song on a TV commercial for something like "I Love the 90's Alt." Bought their Greatest Hits
    First Song: Santeria
    Favorite Song:Badfish

    3. The Shins
    Heard the hype of the Garden State soundtrack when it first came out, Fell in love with "New Slang"
    First song: New Slang
    Favorite Song:New Slang

    4. The Beatles
    I've listened to The Beatles since i was a baby.
    First memory of listening to the Beatles: Hey Jude
    Favorite Song: Here Comes the Sun

    5. Led Zeppelin
    In 6th grade I was really into Classic Rock, but the only two bands i knew were AC/DC and Van Halen…