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    Mar 14 2010, 1h50 por winterkiss

    Samples, baby. It's all about sample this time. Just so this is said, I hate when people say hat sampling is uncreative and "stealing," For me, sampling (done the right way, of course) is inventive and a way of paying homage to and breathing new life into a song.

    Recently, I've been doing a little digging and found some true, true gems that I personally had never heard before and defintely wouldn't have heard if it weren't for them being sampled by a Dilla or a Kanye. These are some of my favorites, anyway:

    1. Sample: Z.Z. Hill - That Ain't the Way You Make Love

    "...you've been tippin' around the town, with some fancy clown"
    I'm so in love with this song. I had never heard it before, let alone about the artist Z.Z. Hill, but I'm glad I discovered it through the greatness of Madlib and the weirdness of one of my favorite MCs MF Doom. This Z.Z. Hill gem is sampled on the track 'Fancy Clown' off Madvillain's critically acclaimed album 'Madvillainy. …