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  • Maybe my favourite band. Easy Pain is so good. Totally logical progression of their sound. Never thought I'd like one of their albums over Old Wounds, but I just might.
  • "Easy Pain" LP is available in Europe at
  • old wounds is my fav, so much attitude. please take a minute to check out my project if you would be so kind. thanks (ಠ⌣ಠ)
  • Imagine if The Jesus Lizard and These Arms Are Snakes had a coked out one night stand and didn’t use protection. And thus Young Widows was born.
  • Settle Down City was amazing. Not sure if what else I've heard has the same raw anger.
  • The tags are always fucked up on this site. Post-Hardcore? :l
  • new album is great, though In And Out is still their best
  • Like new stuff a lot!
  • New album is amazing!
  • really, really impressed with the new album. i'm a yw die hard, but In and Out had me afraid that they'd lost their edge. not so!
  • Wow new album is awesome. Great sound
  • New record is incredible, an amalgamation of what made the past three records great. It's probably my AOTY, along with Dope Body's "Lifer", which has yet to come out, damn.
  • mind = blown. Their best album by far
  • Just leak already ~___~
  • eternalmaw, every song of YW is fucking masterpiece
  • One of the best bands out there.
  • I love Kerosene Girl. I'm new to the band, though. Where do I start?
  • this is gonna be the album of the year
  • Easy Pain live. Sounds sweet [1] Thanks for sharing this! Fucking rawk...
  • Kerosene Girl is huge.
  • Easy Pain live. Sounds sweet
  • I love these guys but I doubt they will ever top Old Wounds. Still i'm excited to see where they go after the sound change they made on the last album.
  • new record?
  • Come out and catch Young Widows at Boomslang and also don't forget Doomslang!
  • i need new stuff
  • Canada Metalheads boards children sounds like for and of
  • Children like boards for sounds and metalheads of Canada
  • Sounds like children for metalheads and Boards of Canada.
  • The Jesus Lizard "Gladator" tribute GLAD HE ATE HER is great, are their any other bands who do parodies/homages to songs (besides shellac - crow obviously and intentionally being exactly the same as uzeda - stomp, and shellac - idea of north as a slint tribute)?
  • Sounds like metalheads for Boards of Canada and children.
  • Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads.
  • 'Swamped and Agitated' is part of the unofficial soundtrack to a children's story about divorced tribal mask wearing office workers
  • miss their Shotmaker vibes
  • Check out our interview we shot when they were in Toronto recently
  • can't wait to see what they come up with next. They always seem to nail the perfect sounds in every way
  • the guitar riffs remind me of early interpol, good mellow music
  • great music
  • good
  • In and Out of Youth and Lightness is very much a different animal. I like it, heavy in its own way...just not as flows nicely.
  • new record is soooooo good, should've included it in my top 25 of 2011
  • White Golden Wings should be in the top 15
  • this band has only 670,000 plays? I imagined them having like 3 million
  • Settle Down City..
  • such a great band.
  • Old Wounds is great.
  • solid new album
  • These guys hold it down like bands used to. No sampling, no frills, no bullshit. Straight forward and hard. Love their live show.
  • europe!
  • the new album is amazing


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