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  • Avatar de AsuchiiMeow2
  • Avatar de Hallshaster
    I dribble hot ghee on my eyes when I listen to this fantastic electronic act.
  • Avatar de glamourtwins
    YMO > Kraftwerk (2) After listening I'm like Kraftwerk? Who's Kraftwerk????
  • Avatar de melonsquats
    YMO > Kraftwerk
  • Avatar de Probehead
    @jonodude An English translation of the conversation in U.T. can actually be found here:
  • Avatar de fii505
    Hey, I'm trying to make music on my own, I recently released my first album, do you have some time to give it a try? It's only 30 minutes, c'mon. Here's the link: I'm sure you're going to like it. All my info are in the video description.
  • Avatar de karmadoug
    Bravo! Awesome muzik..cheers and konichawa :)
  • Avatar de ivarpsy
    come to brazil <333 #FREEGUCCIO
  • Avatar de Daigo-Sama
    Hosono-san is KING
  • Avatar de jonodude
    I've read that the lyrics to BGM were printed in one of their books, "Techno Bible" maybe? I can't remember. Anyway I wonder whether any listeners know where these lyrics might be found online? Definitely interested in seeing whether some of the more indecipherable bits, like the conversation in "U-T" or the end of "Camouflage" are included.
  • Avatar de Blindenbaker
  • Avatar de Mechayoshi
    I can't believe I just found this....
  • Avatar de nyugh
    " Hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa, who sampled their music, was only half-joking when he said that Yellow Magic Orchestra invented hip-hop." 8)
  • Avatar de Jirdoo
    should've started listening to them earlier
  • Avatar de TheGoobs21
    sweet sound
  • Avatar de TangLime
    wishing ryuichi a speedy recovery x
  • Avatar de tangerman
    Y.M.O. & Logic System channel --->
  • Avatar de rascal0pl
    Shadows On The Ground :O
  • Avatar de Keolia
    Catchy and lovely sound~
  • Avatar de beatsdontstop
    BGM then Technodelic, 2 excellent records within just 8 months of each other - these guys were on fire
  • Avatar de jakobdorof
    Only 80 000 listeners for these Japanese geniuses ? [2] one of the coolest bands ever
  • Avatar de beatsdontstop
    just got to the end of Technodelic - "pretty decent" was an understatement, this is great
  • Avatar de beatsdontstop
    read about these guys in "Kraftwerk Publikation" - had never heard them before; pretty decent
  • Avatar de HaHaHaYoureDead
    почему все так горазды их с kraftwerk сравнивать? тут гораздо больше заигрываний с этническими мотивами, что только радует.
  • Avatar de NiniusNunius
    I would have never guessed that I'd listen synthpop from 80's someday. Well now it has happened. And it's awesome.
  • Avatar de TamaTheOriginal
    Only 80 000 listeners for these Japanese geniuses ?
  • Avatar de Neon_Spadezzz
    Okay, I know the song "Firecracker" from somewhere, but I don't think I know the song from The Invaders or The Circus. -_-
  • Avatar de Cherrylake
    My toys are also broken boys
  • Avatar de YasamanSixX
    never gets old. amazing
  • Avatar de kneFX
    they're just magical ♪
  • Avatar de jakobdorof
    wow. just rediscovered "be a superman."
  • Avatar de Tahula
    Synthesizer fans & lovers & addicts are all welcomed!
  • Avatar de tronsuser
    i'd imagine you'll find one or two people who fit that description here!!
  • Avatar de RoCkPhiLia
    Oh, I'm looking for a person who likes YMO or, at least, who knows about the band. I hate being the only one of my groups. :(
  • Avatar de lailamb
    v *Citation needed
  • Avatar de ChriS_LIAB
    Damn, such a shame that we don't know nor care more about japanese music! USA killed this culture...
  • Avatar de am4lcy8s
    I still remember seeing them in London on their 1980 tour .... brilliantly excellent. I suppose that makes me old :-(
  • Avatar de dissident93
    The godfathers of Japanese chiptune.
  • Avatar de eterarnial
    Expecting rivers♥
  • Avatar de BoobyNoobie
    I accidentally clicked on this band (or group?) on youtube and fell in love with it.
  • Avatar de ObeydElMejor
    Nyaruko confirmed for good taste.
  • Avatar de gerr-i-shaan
    Where has this band been all my life? Seriously, I'm kind of angry I didn't discover them until just recently.
  • Avatar de Audiotronica
    Don't know if my tags for some of this band's songs/albums should be in kanji or romaji...
  • Avatar de Audiotronica
    Kai-Koh is one of the greatest songs ever made. [2]
  • Avatar de snsdguy
    Kai-Koh is one of the greatest songs ever made.
  • Avatar de Ranunculus
    Good and funny.
  • Avatar de Cordett
    there is no such genre [2]
  • Avatar de jcotteri
    there is no such genre
  • Avatar de MyNameIsEno
    soooo vaporwave
  • Avatar de JJK-san
    Yeah... It might be like choosing what should exist: Strawberry Tofu or Trout Yogurt. They are both equally funny, but Strawberry Tofu is an original idea. Yet, in fact, coincidentally we have them both, as we can enjoy both amazingness of YMO, and wonderfulness of Suzuki+Tanaka productions.


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