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The psychedelics just kicked in and YONL began to breath. As the line-up was getting solid, the 5 members tried to clarify their intentions and started to build the basis of what would be their first demo, recorded in 2004. It’s rather critical acclaim, quoting YONL as being “The Cure playing sludge”, combined with live review becoming more and more encouraging, compelled the band into the writing of new tracks.

YONL’s servants decided to subsequently overshadow their neuroses with shades of noise rock, hardcore punk and ambient drones tones coupled with tormented black metal vocals. Sounding like “Loveless with slumber party massacre passages”, “Nord” takes form in Geneva under the direction of Serge Morratel. 2006†: the material ends up as a 2LP on E-vinyl & Atropine and as a cd on Radar Swarm. 2007†: YONL pledges allegiance to Crucial Blast and “Nord” hits Decibel Magazine’s top 40 extreme albums.

2009. The smoke is still there. After YONL singer’s disintegration, a new line-up (featuring members from Monarch! and Aeroflot) raised in order to expand the band’s praxis into wilder spaces and landscapes. A new worship of melancholy and electricity is on the verge. The new offering is ready for the next sacrifice. Still no caps, no core neither mongoloid modern nihilism but instead an ambiguous will to improve our drug intakes in order to afford our forthcoming metaphysical crash. Fuck you. And pray for us.

Pierre Anouilh (guitar), Jérôme Alban (guitar, vocals), Shiran Kaidine (guitar, vocals), Johan Sebenne (bass, electronics), Bertrand Sebenne (drums, keyboard), Mathieu Mégemont (drums, electronics)

Bordeaux (France)

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