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Banda de origem dinamarquesa de Folk Progressivo com clima épico, inspirado em contos medievais e dos livros de Tolkien, misturando um som pesado com instrumentos eruditos e gaita de foles.

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  • Relistening Far From The Madding Crowd after many many years. Still absolutely phenomenal. I'm sure the singer is greatly inspired by Dio, maybe that's just me? Timeless power metal record for sure :-)
  • "The Road Goes Ever On" is a fucking masterpiece
  • I love every album & and every track of this band ; ) One of the most underrated band in the history of mankind ... They deserve more popularity ! ! ! Goddamn, i love Wuthering Heights \,,/
  • Within is a seriously great album. The others are all really good, but Within has a little more "moxie". Or something.
  • Wuthering Heights> Symphony X>>>>>>Iced Earth. I gotta listen to these guys so much more often!
  • Fuck you. You're genius! [2] hahaha v you're absolutely right
  • Well, since no-one reads separate songs' boxes anyway, I think I'll post this here too: "I just god damn love the lines "But this tune that I'm destroying / Shows there's nothing more annoying / Than a desperate, desperate poeeeeeeeeeeYEEEEEEEEEAAAAHT"! :DD Nils has some unbelievable power delivering that sequence, and it's just so nicely said anyway. Why don't grand artists like Erik Ravn never realize how good they truly are? Their ambitions must be somewhere in unbelievable heights! "Oh, this song is nothing yet, I must do much better. I'm a desperate poet, WAAAH!". Fuck you. You're genius! And you have pretty much the best vocalist on earth at your disposal, and you have the unique ability to take even more out of his lungs than other songwriters that have him. So, come on now. If health provides: one last record! Or one last dozen of records! (I don't believe Erik will never read this, but that's what I feel like saying atm. :D)"
  • one of the most underrated bands evah
  • Salt is a pretty good album.
  • These guys kick major ass!!!

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