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  • Okay, guys, we really need a new album here. Also, you are truly fucking amazing, even though I doubt that someone will ever read it.
  • This band is top tier post rock and both of their albums are [url=]free to download[/url]! People are seriously missing out.
  • First 2014 shout. :(
  • Maybe outside there is a forrest or a garden, in which we forget our tongue.
  • Digging deeper, awesome stuff so far
  • []i'm stuck between[/url] to audycja o życiu pomiędzy znaczeniami.o wędrówce w stronę zachodzącego słońca poprzez dźwięki progresywne, chropowato-gładkie, agresywno-łagodne (czasami nawet łagodno-agresywne!), kanciasto-zaokrąglone, szybko-powolne... Serdecznie zapraszam :)
  • Great band. Love the prog rock meets ska brass feel. I am a little upset at their addition of vocals. It would've been okay to add a vocalist... just so long as he didn't sound like an off-key Catholic funeral dirge on every track...
  • Great band!
  • so good yet so underrated - one of the best post-rock bands ever
  • You guys are amazing you should definitely come turkey...
  • <3!
  • Great band!!!
  • We vs. death's former drummer Gerben Houwer plays some mighty drums on the new record by the Dutch postfolk band Moi, le voisin:
  • Please try this:æneat! Thanks a lot :)
  • I want to draw your attention to a group I co-lead: [group]BeNeLux Rock League[/group]! Maybe you want to join and support your favorite bands there! :)
  • absolute quality
  • genius
  • This is good!!!
  • Приятный саунд
  • This band has the best damn composition I've ever heard, period. And I meant that in the most literal sense possible. We vs. Death is one of a kind. Though I'm a little bit disappointed that they felt the need to add vocals to the new album...their music by itself is too good for vocals, I think.
  • "a black house, a coloured home" is one of my favorite post-rock releases ever, listen to it more often at windy summer days with so deep existential feelings
  • I like
  • Красааавцы...вокал завораживает
  • Wonderful stuff, guys... please come to Munich some time...
  • Понравились!
  • Damn this is good.
  • wow. that's all i can say.
  • reviews and free downloads
  • The new album is fantastic. They did a great job adding new elements to the sound, but it's still so recognizable as a We vs. Death album.
  • here's some live video's from their release party:
  • Nice atmospheric melodic stuff, sometimes sounds like sting etc. ?
  • the singig is good but somehow destroys the atmosphere at first listen. Btw the We too are concerned / We are too concerned DVD is awesome! It matches exactly to the music!
  • I'm liking the singing, all sounds pretty good.
  • Interview met We Vs. Death nu zondag 3 mei in Glimworm op tussen 21u en 22u. Herbeluister het interview op onze podcast : of
  • new album is GREAT
  • i like the singing on the new album.. its rough and adds another sense of emotion..but there does seem to be a lack of melodies...still some awesome stuff the brass..this is the only band that makes me want to play a brass instrument
  • the singing on the new album is horrible. :( and a lot few original melodies :(
  • goodness stuff
  • gallina de pell...
  • Bedankt voor de tip, sebastiaan_j!! De 12,- die ik nu uitspaar zal ik gebruiken voor concert kaarten! Zo komt het toch nog terug bij Beep en WvsD...
  • zie ook de we vs. death release show! 11 april in de tivoli de helling te utrecht.
  • Ze hebben het er zelf opgezet:
  • zullen ze blij mee zijn :S
  • You can get their new album here:
  • two brand-spanking-new songs of the upcoming album 'A Black House, A Coloured Home' can be heard at [url=][/url]
  • trumpet ftw!
  • good stuff
  • the trumpet and concertina make their music fresh and wonderful
  • Fantastic gig in the SUB071 last night! Great new songs, looking forward to a new record!


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