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  • Saudades.
  • лихая наркомания
  • Впечатлило :)
  • <3 <3 <3
  • Nice
  • No, they've just stopped the project. Justin is working on a new one called MIRIDOR now.
  • are they dead or something??
  • RIP [3]
  • RIP to one of the greatest groups ever. So sad :(
  • R.I.P. :(
  • amazing vocal
  • Loooove <3
  • I need to see them live again.
  • Wondervalley still a pretty good LP
  • I love both of their albums but Voyager > Wondervalley
  • you guys are awesome! so many great tracks. just WOW!
  • From California's not in the top 15, but I need to express my love for it. It's really really beautiful.
  • Wow!
  • fresh & nice!!
  • Really liked the new one too.
  • New album rocks! It's even better than the previous one. Starlight is awesome!!
  • My favorite has got to be "Meant To Be", but Starlight is just such great driving music, and has such incredible, widescreen production.
  • wondervalley is awesome
  • new album's kind of a letdown. there's about 4 great songs though.
  • They are most excellent.
  • Just found them from the blog surviving the golden age. WOAH are these guys good. Downloaded their whole most recent album.
  • Keyhole- da, bodraja takaja))
  • Starlight and Time Machine are aweeeesomeeeeee <3
  • Keyhole то что надооо))
  • forever ♥
  • Walter Meego - Forever is cooooooooollllllllllllll
  • forever ♥ [2]
  • ну просто шиииииииииииииииикарно!!
  • Wondervalley <3
  • so pumped for new album
  • these synths are soooooo legit
  • I am in love with this artist description. someone should totally get a tattoo of a Pegasus riding a cheetah. maybe as a tramp stamp above the painfully tight jeans.
  • " and it flies out of speakers like a Pegasus riding a cheetah."
  • мне тоже нравится
  • X1FM exclusive interview and live performance with Walter Meego. The Chicago based-duo performed at our studios after playing a stellar set the previous night at the Hard Rock Hotel.
  • Walter Meego have completed the album. They just need to master it and they'll be playing shows again :)
  • i think i've found a new favourite artiste.
  • Check out my blog on the new WM demos, please! x
  • Magic Eye and Ghosts in Love are... tears-inducing beautiful. Just... so beautiful.
  • haha i like the bio
  • Waiting for a new album. :(
  • Stay happy and wonderful.. <3
  • You make me cra-aa-azy! Seriously, beatiful sound.
  • love it!
  • woh wish they played these guys in clubs where i live. amaaaazing, walter meego i want in with your world


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