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Death Metal - Finland John Finne Bass Mikko Josefsson Drums (2008-present) See also: ex-Haudankaivaja Matti Jalava Guitars (2008-present) See also: ex-Haudankaivaja Jonatan Johansson Guitars, Vocals (2008-present) See also: ex-Haudankaivaja

Grim Death Awaits EP 2009 Profane Limbs of Ruinous Death Split 2010 Poisoned Void Full-length - 2013

VORUM springs from the poisoned waters around the scattered shores surrounded by the baltic sea.

Chained to the depths scince its foundation in 2006, the treacherous currents of the deep has drenched desolate banks with black… leia mais

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  • clean
  • Grim Death Awaits is a sweet record!
  • Oh YEAH! Feels like they shifted to another (vicious) gear with Current Mouth. Very enjoyable, through-out! Poisoned Void came as a let down, even though the live experiences jumped to new heights around and after that release (and luckily, Poisoned Void still rips on live setting, to me atleast). Unapologetic in their own ways to deliver quality DM.
  • those surly reindeer got mad that I put the ep on youtube and reported me. next time send me a message.
  • Bandcamp [url=]Current Mouth[/url]: Quite the wicked album.
  • the new EP is real death metal.
  • new EP is vicious
  • new song is killer
  • Death metal works better with EPs i guess, as witnessed by Bloodbath and Tukkanuotta also.

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