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In 1988, VON consisted of three founding members based in San Francisco, California: Von aka Goat (vox/guitar), Venien (bass), and Vennt aka Snake (drums). In 1991, VON members changed their names to Goat, Snake, and added Kill (bass). VON disbanded in 1992, with no releases planned, and a box full of demos in circulation during 90-92, that was the last anyone had seen VON or its members.

In 2009, Venien formed the independent record label Von Music Group, while working closely in association with Goat to handle all materials and matters to do with VON under the company, VON Properties L.L.C.

In 2010, under Von Music Group (VMG), Venien formed the project VON VENIEN, and began recordings and development of his new album to be released later that year. While independently (not under the label VMG), Goat had already been hard at work with his VON GOAT album. Both creators of VON are currently working on their projects and will both release more information as it develops, including all related matters to do with VON.

June 5th 2010 marks the official gathering of VON in London England @ the Armageddon Festival. The VON line-up for the reunion included: S. von "Black Cactus" GOat (Goat), Von Venien (Venien), J. Giblet G.(Lord Giblets), and Blood (Hexen).

The London line-up rehearsed and recorded 3 classic demo songs: Satanic Blood, Veadtuck, and Blood Von (*demo track previously known as simply VON) prior to the June 5th Armageddon Festival Show, marking the recording session to be VON's first official professional studio recordings of their music since their creation in 1988. VON, under Von Venien's independent record label VMG, released the tracks as an exclusive limited edition 7" vinyl for the show. Only 500qty copies were made, which were sold with only 50qty VON Armageddon Festival shirts.

Alongside the 7" Satanic Blood Vinyl EP release was Von Venien's advance 7" vinyl single release of the title track "Tribal Blood" from his new solo album by the same name.

VON creators Venien and Goat both are developing their solo projects Von Venien and Von Goat. August 16th 2010, marks the day Goat released his Von Goat album titled Septic Illumination.


Von played highly simplistic black metal with short songs based on almost continuous blast beats (occasionally accompanied by drum fills) and repetition of only from one to three riffs, each containing only about three or four power chords. The vocals were performed in a guttural growling fashion more characteristic of death metal than black metal. Von can be seen having been ahead of their time, playing minimalistic black metal on a time when the genre was virtually non-existent, especially in the thrash-oriented West Coast.

Cult following

Von have gained a cult following in the black metal underground since their disbandment and the few recordings of Von are considered classic and pioneering black metal. Prominent black metal bands have covered Von, either on record or live (or both), including Dark Funeral, Enthroned,Krieg, Taake and Watain (who are also named after a Von song), to mention a few examples. Also, in addition to spreading copies of the Satanic Blood demo,Varg Vikernes of Burzum did arguably direct promotion for Von by wearing their t-shirt in one of his murder trial sessions.

The band's name

The band's name is sometimes falsely thought to be an acronym for "Victory Orgasm Nazi(s)". Varg Vikernes used those words to spell the band's name during a phone interview because the interviewer apparently did not hear the name correctly.According to the band, the name stands for "nothing but images of darkness and blood."Ironically, the word von means hope in some of the Scandinavian languages, from where the band's main musical influence is originated.

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