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  • Music today sucks...we need another 90s
  • And I love the 90s....
  • kinda like this song....
  • The sad thing is there will never be music like there was in the 90s again.
  • Yeah, the '90s did put out some great stuff. Second to the '70s in my book.
  • Awesome memories of the 90's.. seems a lifetime away now... ok well 13 years since this came out!
  • Oh the memories. The 90s where great...
  • I miss the 90's :(.
  • amazing song!
  • Oh nostalgia :-)
  • I can still memorize this song! Love!
  • its too bad Drake raped this song (although, it is catchy haha)
  • ah, the 90's [2]
  • ah, the 90's
  • there's somewhere beyond this... i know.
  • 90's FTW! Brings back memories.
  • yes that is my song to rock on
  • my favorite song by Vertical Horizon
  • I LOVE LastFM for introducing me to this band!!!
  • it is an awesome song:)
  • LOVE this song!
  • Epic. Amazing. <3
  • This song got me through my teen years! I'm so glad to have found it again!
  • How can this song not have more shouts? This was like the staple my favorite radio songs growing up.
  • Awesome song
  • We're covered in lice, and that's okay.
  • awesome -- heard this on the radio today, too! One of my favorite bands from just a few years ago.
  • love this :-D
  • This song is Great!!!
  • gr8
  • It gets better with time =)
  • Z3R0FiR3: Same. I totally hated the song back in, err, the day; now it just fills me with a sort of faint nostalgia. How on earth did that happen?
  • This was one of the first tracks I added last year when I joined this is my first listen to it (Thank God--it's about time)!! Love it!!!
  • again and again ...
  • so much nostalgia.
  • Bruce Almighty! Yeah! Finally, I figured out how I know this song.... xD Love it, anyway! <33
  • Nice sounding song! Always in mood for it!
  • perfect!
  • heres a big rock for your face!!!!!!!!!!
  • you can all hate me and throw rocks at me or whatever but in all seriousness i think this is the most annoying song on the face of the planet.
  • i need more songs like this, please any recommendations? what a song!
  • classic
  • i love and adore this song.
  • <3
  • classic. forever =D
  • Aaah, old school. Still good.
  • agreed. i'm ashamed i hadn't heard of it sooner.
  • Great song.

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