• Community of Violin Players

    Mar 29 2009, 8h50 por Ahotep

    Hello players!

    You're always looking for some sheet-music/partitions on the Web, but you don't find what you want for free? You want to share experience with other violin players?

    Come on !

    The aim of this Wiki is to create a violonist / fiddler's community in order to share free sheet music for violin only, of all musical taste. These sheet music are sometimes available somewhere else on the web, or sometimes scanned from original documents, but also sometimes they are written thanks to our musical ears!

    So you could download existing sheet-music, asking for some new, and help us to bring others!

    For the time being, you could find for example sheet-music from:
    Vanessa-Mae, Bond... in the Crossover section
    Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Curse Of The Black Pearl, Shrek... in the Soundtrack section

    but also section (with Jean-Baptiste Accolay, Max Bruch...), international section (The Corrs...)

  • FlameMan's Weekly Top Albums History

    Set 22 2008, 14h23 por FlameMan

  • Of sweat and silence

    Dez 28 2007, 0h09 por merillupin

    As I sit here at the computer at 4 in the afternoon, still in my pajamas, listening to Release the Stars, I reflect on the absurdity of music, and the various substances that my body secretes. What an interesting combination. My feet and hands are sweaty; my head is oily. I should go shower. But I am trapped here at the computer. I cannot leave halfway through Release the Stars. It is a physical impossibility. I was listening to my iTunes on Shuffle (a recent development). It began to play Do I Disappoint You. I immediately stopped Shuffling and put on the entire album. How does Rufus do it? How is his voice so good? (And why does he not keep it in such good condition when not being recorded for a CD or DVD? See his numerous bad performances of Between My Legs, in which he cannot sing either end of the register that he has written for himself). I also just realized that I know virtually none of the lyrics for the entire album. A wish of mine is to create a database of the meanings for his songs. …
  • My CD Collection

    Nov 3 2007, 18h00 por tcatron565

  • a survey that is NOT a shuffle!

    Jan 20 2007, 15h59 por codislove

    I have seen this one floating for a while now...and finally, I will give it a go!

    I am bound to redo this one in a few weeks time because these questions are hard to answer so...definitely. I am just going to answer 'for the moment', if you see what I mean ;D

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    Gone's one of my favourite tracks for the moment.

    2. What song makes you sad?
    Many songs make me sad. A few songs make me sad enough to want to cry...this one included. I will list 5 random songs that make me sad, but there are MANY:
    What Have You Done (it's so heartfelt and powerful...William Shatner is the SHIT)
    The Luckiest (...where can you find a love like that?)
    Dieu que le monde est injuste (absolutely true. A beautiful, melancholic performance by the fabulous Garou).
    Ciao Amore Ciao (Dalida had a tragic life. This song makes me think of that, and how much pain there can be in one person's life. It's incredibly sad...)
  • album charts.

    Fev 6 2006, 5h59 por bemyescape

    another way to track my music changes over the coures of a few weeks... based on my number of album plays. i guess part of this is because i don't have the albums correctly entered on ALL of the my songs, mostly because a lot of the songs i listen to are demos by local or unknown bands. for some reason picks up MOSTLY the tracks from CDs that i put on my iPod rather than the songs that I downloaded and then attached the correct album name to. i'll only comment on the ones that have more than 2 plays, otherwise this would take the rest of my entire life.

    (24) Take This to Your Grave
    an amazing CD that i have become rather obsessed with ever since i downloaded it
    (18) Mezmerize
    really only due to B.Y.O.B., although the rest of the CD is growing on me
    (15) Hybrid Theory
    an amazing cd that i can always listen to the whole way through
    (14) Gravity
    my favorite band's most popular cd deserves a good number of spins
    (12) A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar