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  • Aglaea!
  • Great new album!
  • Last shout was in July 2011? Geez :)
  • Valetudinarian (Valentine vs Valensia, 2002) - Flick Of The Wrist (Queen, Sheer Heart Attack, 1974), The Mercurian Mystery March (V, 1999) - March Of The Black Queen (Queen, Queen II, 1974) Since All Bitter Opal Tears (Valentine vs Valensia, 2002) - Teo Torriatte (Queen, A Day At The Races, 1976) Bombardon (Valentine vs Valensia, 2002) - Mustapha (Queen, Jazz, 1978) Ley Park (Gaia II, 2002) - Killer Queen (Queen, Sheer Heart Attack, 1974) Buring Heather (The Blue Album, 2002) - Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles, Revolver, 1966) And Gaia, quoting Valensia: "How about the verse being You Take My Breath Away, the bridge ripped off from the leader track from Duel In De Diepte, the 2nd bridge Hotel Mono Zoo's Suddenly Last Summer & Strawberry Fields (this last one was actually very obvious and noticed), the chorus being Killer Queen and the end of the verse of the Millionaire Waltz combined, Sting's Russians, Some Freiheit, Hijo de la luna, ELO and me. That's GAIA for you there. If you want."
  • Liljun, sure... There are a lot of examples: The Phantom of The Opera - Bohemian Rhapsody, Dead Or Alive - Tie Your Mother Down, Free (with Valentine) - Somebody To Love, My Lucielle - Michelle (The Beatles), The Waltz Of The World - Millionaire Waltz. And there more things that I can't remember at the moment, but, anyway, I DO like Valensia's music
  • I listen to Queen, Kate Bush ánd Alanis Morissette a lot. I recognize the style, but not any of their songs. Could you name an example?
  • Valensia of course is of great talent, but I think he is "underrated" because he has never gotten to a personal, musical identity. He sounds like Queen, he sounds like Kate Bush, sometimes he sounds like a mixture of Queen and Kate Bush. He is always near to a "Cover-Version" of such and such song, even if you could not really say what exact song it is... If he does not sound like stated before, he sounds like Duran Duran or Alanis Morissette... In Metal Majesty he sounds like "Still of The Night" and such. Don't get me wrong, still I love his stuff.
  • Gotta find a way to Aquaaaticaaaaa!
  • I've got his 1993 album playing now. Feels like listening to a soundtrack to some modern fairy tale movie... or like reading a fantasy novel. :-)
  • Gaia is Great !!!

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