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Unexpect (frequentemente capitalizado em uneXpect, unexpecT e UnexpecT) é uma banda de avant-garde metal de Montreal, Canadá com uma amálgama de diferentes estilos musicais, incluindo black metal, death metal, metal progressivo, heavy metal melódico, música clássica européia, ópera, música medieval, música cigana, electro, ambient, noise-music, música de circo, e jazz.

O debut da banda, Utopia, foi produzido e lançado independentemente. A banda só teve a Internet para o divulgar o trabalho, mas com Unorthodox Distribuição e suporte on-line, o álbum… leia mais

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  • Avatar de metaloly999
  • Avatar de Steve-Mo
  • Avatar de Sanity_Theorist
    If anybody wants more metal like Unexpect, jump on Akphaezya! They're carrying on the flame awesomely, with a slightly better album cycle!
  • Avatar de Sanity_Theorist
    Speaking as a tech. death fan (the tasteful ones,) it's actually an accurate assessment. Their production quality is top notch, and I don't see any tech. death bands worth a damn going past 8 strings. You can go into Behold the Arctopus/Viraemia/Brain Drill type shit, but none of that stuff is half as well arranged as this. The closest tech. death gets to touching this would be Blotted Science.
  • Avatar de Cynical_Biscuit
    Rip in peace
  • Avatar de metaloly999
  • Avatar de ChasingTheGhost
    Thought so. Sad news.
  • Avatar de Dudemanguy911
    This was the band that got me into extreme metal and is probably inadvertently responsible for shaping most of my musical preferences. I'm sad to see them go, but I'm not really surprised given the hiatus. Regardless, all of the material they released was absolutely brilliant, unique and there's no questioning the ridiculous skill level of all the members. Chaoth is certainly among the most amazing bass players I know.
  • Avatar de SoundscapeMN
    Rest in Peace.
  • Avatar de Hanz22
    vvv Utopia ;)

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