• I gonna tell you, how the K-Pop changed my life

    Jan 9 2012, 2h55 por JesskaDaia

    I was depressed because I had moved of my house, city and highschool at the same time
    I was worried for my friends, I just don't wanted leave them,

    My happiness just had gone, I always was angry~
    My energy my all~ just had gone to the hell with them
    The music that i listened at that time, simply was music with bad messages, full of hate.

    just encouraged to the hate and suicide
    I throught about it~
    I just was in a EMO mode~ so wrong

    until i knew about the kpop~ genre fascinating, always energic and nice.
    very enjoyable... I learned to dance~
    Just the happiness came back to me again, I learned to live the life with MYSELF and not with my friends~ I learned a bit about my lord god and jesus. I learned that everything in life is due to the efforts

    Incredible how just a genre of music can change your mind? isn't it?

    Listen to this tracks of my currents favorite Kpop groups, they has a awesome lyrics
    SOMEDAY & A-Yo

    And a beautiful christian song~ I love
    if you believe in god and his son you will love it