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Tyler Bates produz e compõe músicas para filmes há 15 anos, somando um total de 40 trilhas sonoras na sua carreira musical. Seu trabalho mais conhecido é no filme de terror "Despertar dos Mortos". Também inclui músicas nos filmes Halloween I e II, de Robie Zombie; 300 e Watchmen, de Zack Snyder; Doomsday, de Neil Marshall; e em alguns episódios da série de TV americana Californication. Suas músicas são marcadas por batidas eletrônicas mescladas a um suave ritmo hipnotizante.

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  • John Wicks amazing percussion tracks with electronic sounds. Genius percussion and synths rythmic work there.
  • I know him thanks to God of War
  • John Wick so didn't deserve it's soundtrack.
  • GotG's soundtrack is a lackluster for the most part. "Black Tears" is a really nice climactic piece, though.
  • I still listen to the Score of Super
  • Haha, the only others I've ever listened to outside the film are 300 (which I really liked) and Dawn of the Dead (which I don't remember, and I haven't seen the film). GotG being proof of ability, perhaps it's his belief that he must abstain from "highly emotive, melodic themes" that's holding him back beyond necessity in his other work.
  • I love Guardians of the GALAXY film and score. Great job by Bates (even though the rest of his scores are rubbish).
  • I like how sounds like
  • It's pretty great :3 James Gunn: "Unlike most films, Tyler writes huge chunks of the score first so that I can actually film to the music. During action scenes and huge dramatic moments we blare the score on set so that the cast, crew, and camera can move in harmony with the music. Music is often an afterthought in film, but never for us." "'Very few movies that are made these days are fantastical enough to sustain huge, bold identifiable themes,' Bates explains. 'Even with the majority of the comic-book films, they have a tendency to be steeped in a realism that would be disturbed or interrupted by highly emotive, melodic themes.' (...) Because Guardians was a colorful film that's both fun and fantastical, Bates embraced a spectrum of sounds."
  • GotG [2]

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