• The state of the female gender in indie: the Spotify playlist!

    Jul 23 2011, 21h21 por pecusita

    Well, at least one good thing happened this week: I got a Spotify invite! Yes, those of you who live on the other side of the Atlantic are probably thinking "nah, old news" right about now. But let me tell you... a party is still a party even if you arrive almost three years late.

    To commemorate this glorious occasion I decided to create a massive... gargantuan... ginormous playlist. I quickly settled on one simple theme: the ever improving presence of ladies in the current music scene.

    Don't know about you, but it looks to me like ladies are taking the reigns around here! This fills me with gender pride I must share. So I got knee deep in my library, searching all over and came up with... way too many songs. It looked like a headache waiting to happen, then it dawned on me: slip it in two! Duh! Some ladies still had to be sacrificed, tho.

    So here are 60 tracks from singer-songwriters, all-girl or mix-matched groups. …
  • Xiu Xiu/tUnE-yArDs/Zola Jesus/Twin Sister @ Bowery Ballroom

    Abr 11 2010, 18h03 por pecusita

    It's April 2010 everyone! The year is over 3 months-old, yet I've only been to one other gig this year: Wild Beasts at the Bowery on February 26. It was good, but didn't inspire me enough to get off my lazy self. Last Friday a gig of quadruple billing proportions took place and I thought I might as well write something about it. Last time Xiu Xiu played at the Bowery Ballroom a similar situation occurred. This time, though, I went in way more prepared, being more acquainted with the other three acts on the bill, which ultimately made this more exciting for me.

    The night was started by Twin Sister, a quintet with only one raspy voiced female. I certainly hope she's got a twin somewhere! Don't know how long they've been around, but they've released two very different EPs: Vampires with Dreaming Kids, a short 4-song collection of folk pop that I downloaded for free right here on last.fm; and the recently released via the freedom of making your music freely accessible act: Color Your Life. …