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    Toni Braxton

    Kidz in the Hall


    Toni Braxton's long-awaited new album, Pulse, has finally been released earlier this month. This CD starts with the powerful, dynamic ballad single "Yesterday" (the version without Trey Songz) and it's definitely the best moment of the whole album, but meanwhile, the rest of the album is also decent at least and some of the songs, including "Make My Heart" and "Wardrobe," are as great.

    One of the few prominent female MCs on the mainstream Hip-Hop scene, Trina "The Original Baddest B***h" has returned with her latest offering, Amazin', which was released a week ago. Just like most of her previous works, this album is well-balanced between her aggressive, sharp flow and R&B-styled fine productions and also features a bunch of great guest performers including Lyfe Jennings…
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