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  • Avatar de seaghostss
    They changed their name to PUP now.
  • Avatar de davygrohl
    Canadian Topanga is now known as PUP:
  • Avatar de davygrohl
    the oceans 7" rules
  • Avatar de SirGriswald
    Perhaps up vote?
  • Avatar de Hide-and-sneak
    Profile description is much better now in my opinion.
  • Avatar de thesoftsquid
    They really gotta separate these bands.
  • Avatar de jlaselva
    This page needs to be split between the Canadian and the Californian bands named Topanga.
  • Avatar de brownsounds
    again, fuck canada
  • Avatar de Epigrammed
    I can see that the top tracks are from the Canadian band.
  • Avatar de blindog69
    i went to see this band on saturday. and I must say i was UNpleasantly surprised. Listed as "indie rock" on AND from canada well both of those are LIES! When i went to see them saturday they weren't dressed up nice like the other bands (were htey wearing their parents clothes?) anyway when they started the girl said something that made no sense and they started playing random notes. I guess this was some kind of joke at the time, but i was god damn wrong. they stopped and did this thing 3(4?) times. Hey the joke Got Old!!!!! anyway they started playing for real and they just played random notes for literally 40 minutes and it was constant feedback the hwole time (they refused to let the sound guy mix them so RIP my EAR DRUMS!) anyway i stayed their the hwole time. hoping there was some kind of "JUST KIDDING" and started playing real songs. but i sat there. forty minutes . of ear killing brain-draining piece of shit music. i must give this band my lowest score of 2 stars

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