• Essential progressive metal albums

    Ago 22 2011, 21h25 por Neue_regel_

    As Frank Zappa said: "most rock journalism is people who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read." Extremely true, if you ask me. However, I'll try my best in this little journal role. Of course, there are thousands upon thousands of music genres. Nevertheless, only a few can boast and entail a sheer bombastic splendour without simultaneously losing any edge of intellectual honesty and rigor. Definitely, is one of those. From wiki: " Progressive metal (sometimes known as prog metal) is a subgenre of heavy metal, which blends the powerful, guitar-driven sound of metal with the complex compositional structures, odd time signatures, diverse philosophical lyrics and intricate instrumental playing of progressive rock. Many progressive metal bands are also influenced by jazz fusion and classical music. Like progressive rock songs, progressive metal songs are typically much longer".

  • Prog Acts by Popularity: Prog Metal

    Jun 17 2011, 13h48 por Mark_H

  • Mix Tape 3rd April

    Abr 3 2011, 13h47 por miotailtmilidh

    ....And we're back to normal! In this week's mix, there are some very well known bands as well as the usual less well known artists. It is a little bit raw metal in parts, but it's got a bit of balance in female fronted metal bands towards the end. Also two bands who I am very excited about who have come from the ashes of Cyclefly who were on last weeks playlist and Type O Negative

    Miotailt Milidh's Mix Tape 3rd April

    Queens of the Stone Age - stoner rock, rock, alternative rock, alternative, hard rock
    Seventh Void - doom metal, hard rock, grunge, stoner metal, stoner
    Faith No More - rock, alternative rock, alternative, metal
    Samael - black metal, industrial metal, metal, dark metal, industrial
    Moonspell - gothic metal, doom metal, black metal, metal, dark metal
    Sinamore - gothic metal, finnish, gothic rock, metal, finnish metal
    Arkan - melodic death metal, death metal, oriental death metal, oriental metal, folk metal
    Gloria Morti - death metal, melodic death metal, black metal…
  • My top 60 albums of 2006

    Abr 12 2007, 6h01 por progmetalhead

    Heh, it’s April 2007 and you might be wondering why I have decided to post my favourite albums of 2006 now!? Well, I posted them already in the beginning of the year in some forums. Meanwhile I’ve found many remarkable albums from last year and I think I’ve got enough time - for now - to discover and listen to all these albums which have the ability to reach to my top list and hope it can’t change too much anymore…

    I should also mention that I’m not so big black metal fan like you might think when you see that half of my top 10 is occupied by BM bands (1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 10th place). Actually, these are not typical BM albums, but very experimental, progressive, innovative and evocative, highly original albums I can suggest to any progressive music fan.

    1. Enslaved - Ruun
    2. Negurã Bunget - Om
    3. Cronian - Terra
    4. Satyricon - Now, Diabolical
    5. Head Control System - Murder Nature
    6. Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom
    7. Secrets of the Moon - Antithesis
    8. Isis - In the Absence of Truth