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  • <3333
  • luis_fimbres18: You are an idiot. Just a real waste of a perfectly good sperm.
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  • JoJo's voice is awesome (5) ♥
  • Absolutely love this track!
  • should've been a single
  • JoJo's voice is awesome (4) ♥
  • this is one of them songs that had me like goddamn...timbo done done it again
  • LOL "Disney's"! Still, same here, and yet here I am bouncin' to JoJo!
  • Didn't care for this album at first cause it had too many disney's on it. But it grows on ya, and its one of my favs, though i have more fav songs from his first album.
  • <3
  • Love it!
  • JoJo's voice is awesome (3) ♥
  • Jojo number one!!!
  • badass track timbo is da man
  • hope this gets released as a single, so addictive
  • I didn't really care for this song at first but it's grown on me. Loves it! <3
  • not so good :(
  • Soooo who's the guy who does the rap verse in the middle??? Like I have no idea who that is and his name is not there lol
  • this song definitely grew on me...what a great song, so upbeat
  • me gusta mucho
  • The powers of timbo shown with class...
  • ❤❤❤❤
  • I thought this would be a single... nice track
  • this is very cool
  • Great Song I Miss Jojo gud to hear from her :)
  • really good song
  • Cats forget how well JoJo can sing...MUCH better than the MIley cut....Album is nice!
  • Love it :D Jojo's voice is awesome ;) [2]
  • Favorite song from the new album!
  • very refreshing <3
  • love this song so much
  • love it ! <3
  • also way better than the miley cut
  • i actualy like t, and "I think, I think, I think I'm losin control"
  • Fucking brilliant ! :D
  • love it :D Jojo's voice is awesome :)
  • One of the rare spotlights in the new Timbo record. Should be a single over the Miley cut.
  • is jojo a the star from some years? but the song is great.i must say it.
  • fire
  • one of the best songs on timbalands new album
  • nice to hear from jojo again...
  • The Way U LOVE ME Ay Ay, The Way U LOVE Me Ay Ay U Got Me Losin Losin Losin Control!
  • <3
  • AMEEEI *-*

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