• My Iberian Experience

    Dez 6 2008, 4h36 por thebrucewayne

    When I lived in Spain a few years ago, I learnt a thing or two. I learned that Spain is NOT Mexico, as a lot of North Americans are wont to believe, assume, expect. I learned that Mexico is the way it is because of Spain -- The good, the bad, the ugly. I love Mexico, and I truly love Spain. One of the people in Spain that influenced me exponentially was a very beautiful person from San Fernando. I fell in love with her and stupidly messed it up... as I'm very good at doing. So anyway, she had great taste in everything, but I'm not so sure about her music, now that I look back. She had me HOOKED on Spanish . I don't know much else about music from the Iberian Peninsula, but whenever I hear Spanish , I wax sentimentally and am lost in nostalgia. Here are some of the groups (with the help of last.fm) that I still hear when I think of downtown Cadiz, Jerez, and the beaches of Costa de la Luz & Costa del Sol:

    rock en español