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  • I want Jake Ryan waiting outside the church for me, "Easy A" <3
  • I'll be saying that on Friday if any shut happens I'll be calling uuuia and ciaz to let them know I love them and need a sqeeze
  • Can I borrow your underpants for 10 minutes ?
  • Automobile?! Lake....big lake!
  • Oh my automobile?
  • A creative sound and atmosphere here. :-)
  • Molly Ringwald
  • Perhaps their best song.
  • Remember skipping school w/ my first girlfriend to go see 16 Candles when I listen to that song.
  • Happy birthday, Samantha.
  • just close ur eyes and sing and relex.
  • long duck dong no home!
  • I'm not sure what this song had to do with the scene in Sixteen Candles, unless it was directed towards Caroline. Anyone know?
  • I always loved Thompson Twins. They have such a nice sound. Of course, for an 80's fan like myself, i just absolutely adore everything that has to do with this decade.
  • good thing im not most of their best tracks...
  • No more yanky my wanky! The Donger need food!
  • this is my song. everyone else stop listening to it.
  • ( . )( . )
  • Ah Jake Ryan
  • All I can see is Jake Ryan leaning on the Porshe. Happy days. [2]
  • Most of people like this song because of the movie Sixteen Candles! =) #fact
  • not their best track
  • All I can see is Jake Ryan leaning on the Porshe. Happy days.
  • good times ago!
  • If u where here...... Brat pack, luv those damn movies ;0)
  • Me? Yeah you.... Awwww!
  • OH GOD YES <3
  • Great song. Great movie. Great memories.
  • sinplesmente, demais.....
  • It always bothered me that her dad didn't seem concerned she was about to drive off with a handsome older guy in a sportscar that he'd never met, and in my imagination, she never came home that night...
  • SIXTEEN CANDLES!!!Going to watch it today because of this song..Love that moment when all the cars pull out and Jake Ryan is just standing there by his car....(sigh) it was like a dream....could things like that really happen???
  • i once wrecked my bike listening to this song
  • Tom Bailey+Jake Ryan=WIN.
  • brill song
  • :":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":" 16 Candles !!! I know dudes are not suppose to like movies like this ..oh well !! always fun to watch ;)
  • who can listen to this song and not think of 16 candles? and for those of you who haven't seen it, RENT IT!!!
  • I just love this song so much.
  • Brings back fond memories of Long Duck Dong...."DONG! Where is my automobile!?"
  • Man such a great song.
  • My heart is fluttering madly.
  • only to rise and fall again...;)
  • Utterly beautiful, Just something about this song grabs you and doesn't let go.
  • oh dear
  • reminds me of being a kid again
  • One of my favorite new wave songs.. classic sound, awesome lyrics
  • If you were here,
  • HER...."me?" HIM ..."yeah, you!" me{{{sigh}}} 16 candles :)
  • a fave from TT
  • one of my fave TT tracks for sure....


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