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  • TMBG for the win!
  • Yay!! I've been waiting for TMBG to be streamable for a year and a half!
  • Yes, streaming over my body like a Velveeta shower!
  • Mm, I like.
  • What the--I just listened to a TMBG song on radio. That means they're streamable. And that means that WHOEVER MADE THIS POSSIBLE IS MY HERO! THANK YOU!! :D
  • DIAL-A-SONG IS ALIVE! (718) 387-6962
  • Icon, the previewable song that was recently uploaded to TMBG's is not by TMBG and shouldn't be affiliated with them at all--it's actually by James Call, son of rock star Alex Call (from 70's super-group Clover). Just thought you guys'd like to know.
  • favorite band ever! <3 the johns!
  • I can dig it.
  • my favorite quote about tmbg, by ira glass: how sad for them that they're actually in the band, and so for them to hear that sound they actually have to make it themselves.
  • Um, Last.FM, c'mon now this is getting ridiculous. Let's get some streamable TMBG...seriously...
  • Feelgood music! These guys rock my socks off. I love them!
  • DAMN good TIMES. Whoamg. I love everything about these guys. 2nd favorite band prize! DING!
  • How can they not be on radio yet?
  • Favorite. Band. Ever.
  • Funky as hell, how can you not like these guys?
  • They call me Dr. Worm...
  • Can't wait till the next album! Keep dropping us hints! As if you guys read this.
  • Podcast 3A rules! Woo!
  • I love TMBG! I just wanted to shout something for them.


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