• Most Played Albums of 2010

    Jan 11 2011, 2h57 por pecusita

    Let's be honest here, 2011 has had a really terrible start. From animals dying mysteriously all over the place to a politician getting shot over the weekend. What the hell 2011?! Why won't you let us recover mentally from beating ourselves up about all those unresolved resolutions we made in 2009 and completely forgot about until it was November 2010? It's like we are moving in slow motion through a montage of an end-of-humanity disaster movie. We still have 710 days to go for that, so let's relax for a moment here and talk about something incredibly mundane like my music stats.

    Ever since I joined last.fm, I've kept an end of the year journal highlighting my most played music. I thought about combining everything in one single entry, from albums, songs, EPs and concerts to 2009's lost albums, but it seemed too long. So, this is a look back at the full albums, to start things off.

    Looking back at 2010 I will say that it was a very pop oriented year for my ears. …
  • My personal Top 10 songs of 2010

    Dez 24 2010, 3h31 por gperaltascura

    2010 was a year that I used, among different things, to discover music that I really like, and in past years I realised that the music scene was definitely where I had to look, so I moved apart from TV and radio and used the Internet to find music, and these songs from this list are (some of) the results.

    So I'm going to start reviewing the 10 songs released this year that meant something to me, this is a purely personal top 10.

    10- Orphan Boy - Some Frontier
    Until 2009, Arctic Monkeys was my favourite band, I thought of them as something "under" and different, I still love them, but today I don't see them like something special. It is because there were so many bands, so many guys trying to fit somewhere but being just pulled apart by the business, and Orphan Boy is one of those not popular bands. What they think about that? Well, check their "about" page on their site and you'll know.
  • Most Played Mid-2010

    Jul 20 2010, 3h17 por pecusita

    Oh, July. Seventh month of the year. It's been incredibly hot and it makes me cranky, so I'm not in an all rant mood. I even compiled this list about two weeks ago and had not posted it for lack of motivation... still nothing. So, in hopes that the 30 or so minutes it took me to calculate this and crosscheck with last.fm scrobbles do not go to waste, I'm adding mostly one liners.

    7x2=14 picks. It's been a varied year and nothing below that managed to average double digit plays. Forth!

    14. Toro y Moi - Causers of This
    83 plays - averaged 8 plays per track

    Chill what???? All I'm going to say is that I can play this entire album on my commute to work and there's still time left to repeat a song or two!

    Most played:
    Fax Shadow - 16 plays
    Blessa - 15 plays
    Talamak - 14 plays

    Song that needs to pick up the pace:
    Causers of This - 3 plays

    13. The National - High Violet
    133 plays - averaged 12 plays per track

    What's that pundits say? Mastering your trade?…
  • These New Puritans - Hidden

    Abr 16 2010, 4h28 por pecusita

    These New Puritans' Hidden is an album that mixes the new and the old, orchestras with dance beats, breathy spoken vocals with children's choirs, tribal drums with unusual elements, like chains, sharpening samurai swords and smashing watermelons. One could only imagine the amount of preparation and experimentation that must had been invested on this album. Never are the songs overwrought by their ambition. Some people have called it pretentious, but isn't all "art" pretentious by definition? You only get to call it pretentious if it doesn't work out in the end, which isn't the case here.

    Something remarkable about the album is that it doesn't really alienate you. There are barely any traces of guitars, but enough elements of pop and hip hop to give you a good grasp and lead you throughout. Opening instrumental Time Xone sounds more like an end credits farewell than an introduction, for a moment it makes you wonder if there any sense to it. …