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  • L<3ve is for L<3vers
  • Check out our review of Falling off the Sky:
  • Excited for new album! What I've heard is sounding great!
  • that first album is amazing
  • also:
  • ugh
  • this shit is real clammy! how come i wasn't smelling on this before?
  • this is what ive been lookin 4
  • well this is fuckin classic
  • check out this free surf-rock compilation, featuring the best Beach Boys sound-alikes in music history: The dB's "She's Not Worried" is featured
  • Love their new single "Picture Sleeve" b/w "Write Back"! They still got it.
  • "neverland" needs more listens
  • blame it on big star
  • aren't these guys just great?
  • north carolina represent!!!!!!! "you hang around/tobacco town"
  • ...all she left waz an amplifer..................
  • where have this band been all of my life? they're simply the definition of awesomeness
  • black and white is the SONG, MAN!!!
  • athens
  • forgotten band
  • I am so thrilled by the prospect of a new album being imminent
  • Wonderul band. 'Stands for Decibels' is unbelievably good
  • they ripped off miley cyrus
  • they ripped off my chemical romance
  • What you mean Amplifier isn't good? Not their best song at all but still amazing! :)
  • amplifier is the most listened track at 50? haha. wtf. that song isn't even good. This band blows me away though. I love them. JANGLE JANGLE JANGLE!
  • critically acclaimed doesn't necessarily mean popular
  • the fact that their albums have been only scarcely available (out of print for long periods of time--some of them still are) is a good sign they're unheard and underappreciated...
  • why does everyone think that the dB's are so underrated and unheard? They were critically acclaimed like crazy, they got lots of press, they were on national British television, toured Europe, and every band you know and love name-drops them. No secret!
  • Definitely... we'll never know...
  • definitely the most underrated and underheard band i can think of. how can this not have been huge?
  • Vote for their correct name, The dB's - even if you hate the misuse of the apostrophe (see also The La's).
  • underrated as fuck
  • Someone should tell you and it won't be me 'Cause I'm just a spy in the house of love
  • Great band. Saw them back in the day and last year when they reunited. Happenstance is my favorite.
  • wow, just discovered these guys a couple of days ago, great stuff
  • everybody knows the dbs in germany! like the feelies and violent femmes and steve albini
  • why the hell is this band not 5 million times more well known than they are?
  • Love Is for Lovers.... at 27??
  • They ought to be as well known as Big Star and R.E.M. but they aren't. :(
  • These guys are so amazing. Why aren't they more popular!?

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