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  • this intro
  • Incredible, from the latin incredbilus, meaning "not credible"
  • Incredible.
  • awesome beat!
  • Their album sounds like a bit of everything...I hear Arcade Fire on this one.
  • i love the tempo in this one!
  • perfection c:
  • "I love you Sarah Walker, I always have"
  • not too shabby :)
  • Loved the collab performance with mumford and sons
  • ace
  • Amazing!
  • WAOH, I like these guys!
  • So energizing this tune, love this!!!
  • Like it too even though they ripped off the beginning riff from Walk on the Wild Side.
  • Love. This. Song.
  • This song is so cool!
  • current favorite song.
  • Chuck ftw!
  • <3
  • I love this. DOOOOWN RIVER! I first heard this when my friend showed me a collab with Mumford and Sons.
  • awesome
  • Fiiiiiinally
  • this song reminds me of Local Natives :) in a good way.
  • go, don't stop!
  • <333333333
  • the drums in this song are amazing. well actually they are amazing in pretty much every temper trap song
  • Always interesting, typically fun.
  • Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
  • best of 2009
  • nice.
  • sounds like it was from The Arcade Fire [3]
  • Love the drums
  • This songs puts a smile on my face eveytime I hear it <3
  • don'tdon'tdon'tdon'tstopgo
  • I agree with DaLukeman. That, and the drums. And the bursts at the chorus. Or, basically, this song is just wonderful.
  • Uplifting and undeniably awesome!
  • Found this via the TV show Chuck. Pretty awesome stuff.
  • This song has amazing bass =)
  • fantastic vocals
  • This is nice.
  • Can't get enough of this one =)
  • For some reason I think this song belongs in Where the Wild Things Are.... haha. :)
  • Really good.
  • interesting, i like it!
  • best song on the album, by far. <3
  • This song was playing the first time my boyfriend and I kissed. You have no idea how sexy it is to hear "Go, don't stop...go, don't stop...go, don't stop, now, go..." playing as you're kissing someone for the first time ;)
  • sounds like it was from The Arcade Fire [2]


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