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Raw Power
The Stooges

Raw Power

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  • I knew it wouldn't be long til someone went for the low-hanging fruit.
  • Come to Brazil. Greatest album ever [78].
  • @Witchpenis The one you're talking about is Iggy's remix/the "[fucking] loud mix." @althefknamsrtkn The original components may be flawed but Iggy's version is just wall to wall noise that sounds like a clipping, rattling, warbling nightmare on any volume on any stereo. To each his own but for all its flaws I'd rather have Bowie's mix than the "mix" Iggy did where he basically just turned everything up as loud as possible. @gui_warpunk Who says they can't? And what's wrong with having a discussion about which mix we prefer? Part of the point of this place is that it's supposed to be a forum for discussing music. I'd rather have an actual conversation with people even if we disagree than see "Come to Brazil" and "greatest album ever [78]" as every comment.
  • Whats the FUCKING LOUD mix??? the one that sounds like its gonna overload headphones on Ur Pretty Face is going to Hell? is that david bowie??? someone help
  • Bowies mix is sort of like an ugly dog that you've had in your family for so long that you forget how ugly it is and accept it for who it is, eventually, growing to love the dog. Sure, the instruments are all at different volumes and often panned full left or full right. Sure, listening to this album with headphones gives me an actual headache. The vocals on Penetration are way too loud. The guitar in Search and Destroy is way too loud. Most of the rhythm section sounds like they recorded it from the room next door. I mean, I could go on forever about this, but it's not going to change. Eventually you accept Bowies mix for what it is, and there's no changing it. The quality of songs here is very high, (but my favorite stooges album is still Fun House). At least it's not a brickwalled fuckhouse like Iggy's remix. As I said before, the "Rough Power" mix has production most similar to Fun House, although the fidelity is terrible.
  • why can't people just like both mixes?
  • Bowie mix is the way to go

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