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  • Avatar de HayleighRayment
    One thing that aaghs aren't unless they are given love
  • Avatar de ForestFloor
    sometimes i nod my head as if to say,"YES YES THIS ROCKS" [2]
  • Avatar de Matt_Sick
    the main riff (the one in the beginning) is one of the most crushing riffs the pumpkins ever wrote
  • Avatar de Almost__Over
    jimmy is god [2]
  • Avatar de Oneandonlymops
    jimmy is god
  • Avatar de Oneandonlymops
    the drumming in this song is perfect
  • Avatar de Gaffes
    The drum at the beginning is something impressive.
  • Avatar de nevershoutn
    angry stoner
  • Avatar de sebadohblue
    could melt some cheese on that glorious fuzz..
  • Avatar de kurtneyharrison
    happy late twentieth birthday, siamese dream!! ♥
  • Avatar de vibracobra
    great solo!
  • Avatar de RIPELIVEJAM
    sometimes i nod my head as if to say,"YES YES THIS ROCKS"
  • Avatar de JakSpringTooth
    we are the fossils the relics of our time we mutilate the meanings so they're easy to denyyyyyeeeyyyyeeeyeyeyeyey!!!!.....
  • Avatar de jacy-b
  • Avatar de metalprincess6
    sounds great
  • Avatar de porcelina1409
    the song kicketh ass.....still
  • Avatar de dewfish
  • Avatar de telmiguai
    Me encanta el sonido.
  • Avatar de ackers07
    Great performance song, and must admit I totally forgot about it! "I don't trust youuuuuu!!!"
  • Avatar de sk8witch
  • Avatar de kurtnirvanakris
    quiet is soooo awesome.
  • Avatar de coloronthewalls
  • Avatar de metal_gimp
  • Avatar de immolation
  • Avatar de phokinghungry
    that's one of the best solo's ever
  • Avatar de judymowa
  • Avatar de G0DSTAR
    This album was so so good.
  • Avatar de Bliss8117
    badass [2]
  • Avatar de Parksey10
    ofthe MESS YOU MADE
  • Avatar de Iamalama
    They're so badasssssssss
  • Avatar de Parksey10
    all time
  • Avatar de xanderba
    This song rocks don't be quiet, turn the volume UP!
  • Avatar de ordinarynslow
    This fucking rocks!
  • Avatar de xNosaru
    be ashamed!
  • Avatar de JakSpringTooth
    When the drums come in, fuck yeah.
  • Avatar de lotus775
    Gish is my fave album:) So revolutionary when I was in college!
  • Avatar de mrpaul01
    Their early work is so great, that I have a very hard time choosing song which is their best... this one is a serious contender.
  • Avatar de Element_Engine
    be ashamed.... OF THE MESS YOU MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar de jhawk0134
  • Avatar de Bub_Clifton
    That riff dear god.
  • Avatar de Isab3lla
    This is nice
  • Avatar de metal_gimp
    that tone... *warm stupid fuzz grin* :)
  • Avatar de dilmog
    First Pumpkins song that I ever heard and still my favorite
  • Avatar de nothing194
    Yay for goodness.
  • Avatar de annex-a
    Big Muff up in this mother.
  • Avatar de piscesiscari0t
    So fuzzy and delicious.
  • Avatar de Rychonaut
    so so great
  • Avatar de 40Degrees
    gotta love that solo.
  • Avatar de xDiabsoule
    I absolutely love everything about this song. Such a great album as well.
  • Avatar de orsonkidd
    corrigan is like "dwight" from the office


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