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  • I fucking love this song [3141414111151169]
  • I fucking love this song [3141414111151168]
  • I fucking love this song. [3141414111151167]
  • I fucking love this song. [3141414111151166]
  • The beginning of this song reminds me of Neu's Hallogallo. Weird but very cool
  • (Y)
  • hipsters unite ;ppppp
  • I fucking love this song. [3141414111151165]
  • Smashing Pumpkins rulez!
  • Hell yeah! That guitar takes you to hell and back and be thankful for the ride!
  • this song makes me think of how incredible the music is nowadays. [3] And will always be
  • This song rocks!
  • This song got better for me since when I first heard it, in the early 90's.
  • guitar hero!
  • powerful intro
  • WOW
  • The sound is so awesome really love this band.
  • great track, blistering attack on the 'grunge' scene as seen by certain music execs
  • Cool
  • Nice
  • such a mighty mighty guitar wall...great
  • I fucking love this song. [2]
  • My favorite smashing pumpkins song
  • I fucking love this song.
  • Freak out and give in doesn't matter what you believe in...
  • Quasar will never be the new Cherub Rock. Ever.
  • Aww <3
  • fav Pumpkin song hands down!
  • someone but billy back in, he dont make shit like dis no mo
  • One of most powerful songs of all times :)
  • Ah yes...
  • awesome song, but smashing pumpkins arent grunge so idk why its on grunge radio O.o
  • One of my all time favorite Pumpkins songs. LET...ME...OUT!!!!
  • This song is awesome. My generation is growing up in a time when more songs are based on four-on-the-floor computer beats than guitar riffs. This is a good reminder that rock songs can still get you moving.
  • That riff is astounding
  • Life would be boring without this song.
  • This song makes me feel like Jesus Christ [2]
  • Freak out
  • Stay Cool
  • Man
  • not grunge but very good band
  • its cool how this band has a girl in it and one boy. not most bands are like that. thats way my band is, im only girl
  • There isn't a word to describe the love I have for this track


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