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    June 19, 2011

    Mark Your Calendars - June 28
    Rave On Buddy Holly
    Covers by Great Artists
    Sample a She & HIm Cover Below

    Well the LAST album I thought I’d be looking for this summer is a COVER ALBUM! I mean, come on, who the hell wants to hear a bunch of wannabes play songs by other people! Right? Think again my friends. When I hear the following artists: She & Him, The Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, Paul McCartney, Cee Lo Green, Nick Lowe, Justin Townes Earle, Julian Casablancas, (and on and on and on) gathered to record the covers of the late/great Buddy Holly, it got my attention! And unless you live under a rock, you may want to circle the date of June 28th on your music calendar, body clock, or whatever makes you tick ‘cause the album, “Rave On Buddy Holly” will drop in our laps that day. And here’s your first sampling of She & Him singing Buddy’s song “Oh Boy.”

    Click hear for She & Him Sample of Buddy Holly’s “Oh Boy”
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