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  • Avatar de comanche67
    there best...
  • Avatar de algenon50
    great early stones track, I remember hearing it at the time on pirate it..
  • Avatar de samiskywalker
    one of my favs <3
  • Avatar de AlterJohn
    Das ist DER Rhythmus, wo jeder mit muss !!!
  • Avatar de davidbowiegirl
    Yeah, great song
  • Avatar de theironictea
  • Avatar de TWHsr
    Real good.
  • Avatar de sinister-stormy
    Great lyrics and melody.
  • Avatar de TWHsr
    There always good.
  • Avatar de dmat4
  • Avatar de BIGALKE
    Genius song
  • Avatar de littlelouie1
    Good old Stones track. The Stones got their name by watching Muddy Waters play a song named Rolling Stone. The rest is history.
  • Avatar de TWHsr
  • Avatar de althefknamsrtkn
    " The description for this song is a joke! "Misogynist"? Gimme an effing break!" The current progressive intellectual thrust is finding things to be offended about.
  • Avatar de ColorCaptn
    Ja das geht immer noch !
  • Avatar de HayleighRayment
    Ciaz save th cider for when I'm not around
  • Avatar de iluvanimegirls
    The description for this song is a joke! "Misogynist"? Gimme an effing break!
  • Avatar de lovesjantzen
    it's alright
  • Avatar de AlterJohn
    Eines meiner Lieblings-Songs von den alten Herren.
  • Avatar de bercer
    great, 4 ever"""" legends" rock on"
  • Avatar de VirtueFilms
  • Avatar de heksemester
    I love this song. I don't pay attention to the lyrics, but something about the melody and instrumentialization really gets to me. My favourite Rolling Stones song.
  • Avatar de davidbowiegirl
    Great song
  • Avatar de Accept-Yourself
    One of their best and catchiest songs they ever made.
  • Avatar de Slim_rafa
    Gosto a véra dessa muska, gostavéra.
  • Avatar de MickyDolenz
  • Avatar de pikininah
    Love it!
  • Avatar de TWHsr
    Real cool Pete.
  • Avatar de Andreia_Almeida
    under my thumb ♬
  • Avatar de B-AIRLINE
  • Avatar de Storchel
    Loove it!
  • Avatar de TWHsr
    Yea, it's always been a good one.
  • Avatar de Tiger-Tony
  • Avatar de ButchGantenbein
  • Avatar de gombost
    Brian's marimba multiplies the awesomeness by 10.
  • Avatar de El_Salvador7
    dat fuzzy bass
  • Avatar de rocknut1951
    Stones are good
  • Avatar de Life_As_aFlower
    Love the meaning of the song
  • Avatar de echo725
    Great song. To me it seems like the protagonist is dreaming about turning the tables instead of it actually happening.
  • Avatar de MPE-J
    this song just makes me uncomfortable, it promotes domestic violnce and controlling relationships. Not good in any shape or form.
  • Avatar de Romulus666
    Funny how if someone released a song like this today they'd be hated as woman-haters. Oh the irony
  • Avatar de ObmujSon
    They are Still Are One of theTops. :-)
  • Avatar de putaoduo
  • Avatar de Tom_Pullings
    Come'on, Mick Jagger performs at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards and makes the other artist look like stiffs. He still has showmanship! It's not about the money for men of their wealth. ($305 million Mick, Keith $280 Million) I wish I was that destitute.
  • Avatar de RobotsKill
    All guys Catholic High School... Freshman year... Religion Class... Teach (the famous Pie Man) is finishing a big intro/build up about respect for others and has a record he wants to play a cut from and then discuss. He accidentally drops the needle before he finishes and two of the three snare hits leave the speaker before he yanks the arm from the vinyl. "Rolling Stones, Under My Thumb" I said out loud with a smile - half out of respect, the remainder like I won a prize. He shot me a look of amazement mixed with brimstone. That was a long four years. The indoctrination didn't work.
  • Avatar de Force59
    I'm hip to this
  • Avatar de TheGhostMutt
    Prefer this live but still great.
  • Avatar de wolfy76484
    OR BigChoupique I would argue that they are trying to keep going as long as their blues heroes did.
  • Avatar de ObmujSon
    Not the Best I have heard. :-)
  • Avatar de BigChoupique
    Nothin beats the original...which is not this if you don't know the difference. This music was of a time and place... and athis bunch of guys that are still singin out of desperation for not having saved any of the millions they made back in the day CAN'T match that energy.


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