• Live In Toronto this Week (sep 22-28)

    Set 22 2005, 14h07 por drsaunde

    Thursday, September 22nd

    The Electric Six - Lee's Palace - Got talked into this show..decent act, not a fav of mine, but apparently because my friend knows the band I will get to meet them after the show. Maybe i'll get to add them to my "Artists i've smoked a J with" list. The Dirtbombs open.

    Paul Weller - Kool Haus - the mod legend returns

    Polysics - El Mocambo - synth pop in jumpsuits...is this original?

    Seu Jorge - Lulu Lounge - The Brazilian actor entertains the world music fans.

    The Zoobombs - Silver Dollar - 2 weeks in a row for the J-Pop stars

    Roy Ayers - Guvernment - Funk Night! with Kush

    John Beltran - Revival

    Friday, September 23rd

    Four Tet - Horseshoe - should be a fine electro show with Hot Chip also on the bill.

    Deadly Snakes - Lee's Palace - This is a CD Release party.

    The Gossip - XPace - Should be a good show with We Are Wolves

    T. Raumschmiere - Mod Club - Electro Goodness!

    Fembots - Supermarket - Was naming your band after an Austin Powers concept a great idea?
  • The Meters - Funky Soul of New Orleans

    Set 22 2005, 4h06 por dvoodoo

    Man, it's hard to just spit out something about the Meters, and how could words truly do em justice anyhow.

    They started out as an instrumental group, playing a grimy backroom jazz in clubs like the Dew Drop Inn. Comprised of Art Neville on keys, Joe "Zigaboo" Modeliste on drums, George Porter on Bass, and Leo Nocentelli on guitar, they are perhaps more well known now than they were in their heyday.

    In the late 1960's, Allen Toussaint brought 'em down to Sansu studio, and had em lay down countless funky 2nd line style beats. They released some singles on Josie Records, and sides like Cissy Strut, remain popular instrumental hits even today over 35 years later. They put out a few LP's on Josie before opening the 1975 Rolling Stones tour and moving on to Warner Bros. Cyril Neville joined the band as additional percussionist and they produced a total of 8 albums prior to disbanding.

    The Meters backed up many other artists, including Lee Dorsey on "Ride Your Pony" & Dr.
  • My iPod Top 250 19th Sept 2005

    Set 19 2005, 23h19 por SideFlower

    1] Fix You Coldplay
    2] Sing Travis
    3] What If Coldplay
    4] The Scientist Coldplay
    5] In My Place Coldplay
    6] Walking In The Sun Travis
    7] Somewhere Else Travis
    8] Yellow Coldplay
    9] Run Snow Patrol
    10] Clocks Coldplay
    11] Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Travis
    12] Don't Panic Coldplay
    13] Flowers In The Window Travis
    14] Everybody's Changing Keane
    15] Love Will Come Through Travis
    16] Side Travis
    17] Can't Stop Now Keane
    18] Driftwood Travis
    19] Vertigo U2
    20] Gravity Embrace
    21] Don't Look Back Into The Sun The Libertines
    22] White Shadows Coldplay
    23] Half Light Athlete
    24] All These Things That I've Done The Killers
    25] Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand
    26] Just Another Day Jon Secada
    27] Somewhere Only We Know Keane
    28] Pumping On Your Stereo Supergrass
    29] Turn Travis
    30] Ashes Embrace
    31] Tumble & Fall Feeder
    32] Happy Travis
    33] Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve
    34] How To Be Dead Snow Patrol
    35] Bedshaped Keane
    36] The Distance Travis
    37] God Put A Smile Upon Your Face Coldplay
  • Exciting Title!

    Set 10 2005, 22h22 por oozabooman

  • The UK Charts

    Set 8 2005, 19h12 por Dhenry

    Well, as I am a person who keeps himself quite well informed with the british charts (the link you can see them at is http://www.bbc.co.uk/totp/top40/ by the way), I have a few thoughts to share.

    Gorillaz DARE-d Oasis to fall?
    No, they didn't. The UK press really worked hard last wee on trying to make the DARE vs. The Importance of Being Idle look like the fight from August 10 years ago; Country House vs. Roll With It. Well, the truth is, it wasn't. Oasis fell 4 spots from ther last weeks #1 down to #5 (well deserved, I don't like the song) while Gorillaz got the top spot - their first #1 ever. Just so you'd know, Feel Good Inc. was #2 and Clint Eastwood was #3. Anyway, many congradulations to The Gorillaz, well done on the #1. Also, if you happened to listen to the chart show, the phone call with Murdoc Niccals of Gorillaz was just amusing, wasn't it? And thanks to the lovely www.gorillaz-unofficial.com this phone call got public.

  • Why do famous bands have to suck so much?

    Set 7 2005, 6h38 por chestah

    I'm not talking about whether or not they suck musically, but whether they suck at being people. Every single famous band just keeps on going and going, spouting out crap in the form of greatest hits albums or world tours or movie cameos or just arbitrary bullshit that ends up on the cover of all the tabloids at the grocery store.

    Possibly the only semi-good examples of this have been The Beatles. Ringo Starr ended up in some TV show I used to watch as a child, which is cool. John Lennon was pretty cool with all his hippieness, but then he got assassinated which is horrible and sad. I'm not really sure what George Harrison did, but I did hear about his unfortuante death. The only things wrong the Beatles have produced hav been Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono who seem to constantly be doing stupid crap separately so that they can share the top of the headlines. Paul's constantly releasing new albums which are about as good and/or bad as the previous one and Yoko just goes about…
  • Look What The Cat Dragged In

    Set 6 2005, 18h13 por Dhenry

    The legendary Rolling Stones have a new album out! I haven't really been into them much, I've only been a fan of the famous track Start Me Up. However, thanks to my friend Wazawaii, I've really gotten into their new album, A Bigger Bang.

    I never knew they made this good blues music, like the track Back Of My Hand proves. Other new favourites from the album are:
    Laugh I nearly died
    Look What The Cat Dragged In (a nice melody there that is bound to get your feet working it)
    This Place Is Empty (a great song for your rainy autumn evenings!)

    I really suggest you all to try the album. I give it a strong 8/10.
  • what can be said

    Set 6 2005, 4h58 por embo

    about a fantastic lot with a strange and debauched past? This british lot of old farts have been around longer than most people I know.
    Once Mick Jagger said to my Dad at a concert "whats that on your nose?" referring to the brightly coloured pink zinc smeared on.
    Well there's my claim to faim. I am now going to download some of their new album, but like everybody who's ever heard the Stones I'm sure I'll be abit dissapointed.
  • mistagged

    Ago 31 2005, 21h59 por Barryke

    This song is mistagged.

    It is actualy "Start Me Up" from the "Rolling Stones".

    The Stones' song was licenced by Microsoft to accompany their Windows 95 operating system advertisements in 1995.
  • Rolling Stones

    Ago 27 2005, 20h05 por Pirate45

    The Rolling Stones are on tour so how about a look at their numbers...

    Many people consider the Stones to be the greatest rock and roll band ever. Whether or not that is true is obviously a personal thing, but whether you're a big fan or not, you've got to respect a band that has lasted so long, and men that are in their 60's out there still doing it.

    It kind of gives new meaning to the line "What a drag it is getting old" in the song "Mother's Little Helper".

    The Rolling Stones first hit came in 1964, "Tell Me You're Coming Back". It peaked at #24.

    I don't know how many of you have heard that song but listening to it would not give you the impression that this band was headed for greatness. I have all the Stones hits and it is an interesting experience to listen to them in order.

    How many #1's?

    The first, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" came in 1965 and was at the top for a month. A good song? Youbetcha! One of the best of all time I say.