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  • Avatar de xelectricdeathx
    I remember downloading all their songs back in 09. Hahah.. Nice work.
  • Avatar de WATS-GUD
    ahha this song is actually pretty chill i like xD
  • Avatar de Petahhhh
    this song takes me to another level yoo. Real post-hardcore right here. respect to all the true fans.
  • Avatar de Carrie7049
    yaaaa, i don't know why people are saying they sound like brand new... not at all. but they have a nice sound :) love this song.
  • Avatar de Rowan5215
    Nice screaming just before the 4-minute mark, wish they had some more. And I'm not sure why everyone's so shocked they wrote a song about jacking off - it's not like they're the first. *coughFaith No More - Epiccough*
  • Avatar de razcom
    wow this song is awesome
  • Avatar de jmonstuh
    i dont think they sound like brand new at all lol. the vox sound like emery....
  • Avatar de krizzleface
    according to the band, this song is half about masturbation, the other is empty sex. when casey and brendan were writing the lyrics together, brendan was still a virgin. so he was writing lyrics from the perspective of masturbation. the song also stretches to emotions beyond sex like isolation, embarrassment, resentment, and regret, which are negative effects from said events.
  • Avatar de callumk7
    Sounds like taking back sunday who sound like brand new..
  • Avatar de VelvetWaltz66
    sounds nothing like Brand New...what are you listening too haha...Brand New is awesome though

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