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  • i love mash--ups,,its like peaking into a world of what ifs?in the world of music,billy idol ended up fronting the offspring,and bela legosi is dead ,cause,she wants to tear you apart!,,,,,,lol
  • good stuff
  • Favorite mashup group indeed. I love Detroid to J.A. and Yoshimi.
  • Uptime and Downtime are both excellent. One for either mood. The Kleptones are my favorite mashup group. Thanks for everything. I can't wait to hear more.
  • Uptime is OFF THE HOOK.
  • Thank you for the MUSIC!!!!
  • battleaxed was quoting Fight Club at one point, which I do find appropriate given the artist :)
  • Dopeeeeeeeeee!
  • @battleaxed What the fuck are you blathering on about.
  • God I love Uptime/Downtime.
  • Ziółkowski Mikołaju - nie sądzisz, że to świetny następca 2ManyDJs w "namiocie" w 2011 roku...? :)
  • kleptoe for kleptones
  • Serious pioneer in the field of mashups. Top dog if you ask me.
  • Shits and Giggles is an awesome record. If these are the Kleptones' b-sides, you get a good impression what level their A-material is on :)
  • Judging by the shattered set of headphones and sizzling bits of gray matter that are littered across my keyboard...I think it's safe to say that 'Uptime' just fucking blew my mind.
  • The only mashup act that is still relevant in 2010!
  • if u don't like it... don't listen to it, don't read it, don't watch it. without free communication, u don't have free society.
  • we're the middle children of history, men
  • oh fuck it stinks in here
  • I just can't get enough Kleptones in my life. Maybe I should stop sleeping so I can listen more?
  • Night at the Hip-Hopera...24 Hours...and now Uptime/Downtime. You guys just keep raising the bar!!!
  • Cool shit!
  • yeah, nice...
  • Uptime is currently rocking my world with a musical energy that I haven't experienced in a long time.
  • Yeah, "Uptime" is simply THE best. Love it!
  • Loving Uptime/Downtime.
  • Love 'Downtime' - awesome chill-out album.
  • Seriously y'all, I haveta take "Up/Down" off o' repeat eventually. This collection of mashups is insane! My speakers just can't go loud enough as the music deserves. Mad 'grats and props!
  • Uptime is really great! Dance!Dance!Dance!Dance!Dance!
  • Downtime is a MASTERPIECE! Uptime is good but Downtime rocks my balls off!
  • uptime/downtime was one helluva way to start off mashups in 2010
  • Live'r Than You'll Ever be (Live @ Bestival 2007) is still the best in my eyes.. even though the new one is fantastic.
  • I think the first mashup tape this year will remain the best?
  • Uptime/Downtime is awesome²
  • Uptime/Downtime is awesome
  • OMG, just discovered them. Uptime/Downtime is awesome! Shit! Just speechless...
  • this is the sh*t
  • They have done Bohemian Rhapsody - Bo Rhap, a mashup of cover versions, check out the kleptones website blog
  • please do more ! my god your shit is smokin'
  • <3
  • Night at the Hip Hopera is still the best mashup album ever created
  • Can't wait for your new album, absolutely love your stuff!! Best mashups around!
  • Looking forward to the new album, the hints dropped so far have been great!
  • a night at the hip hopera is epic
  • check it out > >
  • Awesome! I can't believe I missed that one... The ones that are one track are sweet but they won't show up on my scrobbling too much.
  • AddictedAvi this should get you it
  • I'm a bit OCD with Album artwork- anyone know of or made any for Yoshimi Battles? Hit me up if you've got anything. Cheers.
  • Severely underrated !
  • I've never heard these guys but I'm trying to get A Night at the Hip Hopera somehow.


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