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  • this came from the hands of the universe
  • Nothing else like it.
  • so far out Jimi never came back...
  • .
  • 'your majestic, superior cackling hen'? suuuure...
  • Jimi
  • Gotta love the guitar once the song picks up! Then that lead drives it into a total badass territory.
  • and you'll never hear surf music again
  • @ijkidd: how is this anything like yo la tengo? I love them, but I don't really see the similarity
  • When one listens to Mitch Mitchell's drumming on the JHE albums, one hears the finest Rock drummer of all time. A fine compliment to the finest guitarist of all time.
  • this is so experimental. I mean great.
  • I used to skip this track. God, how stupid I was.
  • I wanna ride in Jimi's 'kinky machine'.
  • Proto krautrock y space rock. [2]
  • Proto krautrock y space rock. Resaltante
  • 代 ♥ 代 *.* ☼ *.* ☼ *.* ネ *.* ネ*.* ぬ *.* ぬ *.* ܼܼ*.* ܼܼ
  • So far out it almost never came back...
  • a master that you can only dream with, miss ya man
  • The arpeggio on this tune will never grow old. In fact, Jimi's music will never grow old and never die! See you in the next world, and don't be late!!
  • How is this way ahead of his time? This is exactly right for his time. This is what that time sounded like...
  • May I land my kinky machine.
  • This song always makes me wish I smoked pot...gotta be a trip :)
  • If Jimi was still alive he would have played with early Funkadelic. He was always ahead of his time. This song blows me away.
  • beautifully opening Bertolucci's Dreamers.. [2]. I always remember The Dreamers when I start listenin' to this.
  • this is the one , that day i remember so well , the light was blinding,
  • nice.
  • such a great piece of music!
  • Trippy is right
  • Trippy jam. Epic production.
  • I keep on saying.......there was before Jimi and there is after Jimi. There are NO in-betweens
  • One of this best. Love the bass and drums on this.
  • fantastic song and lyrics! Jimi was way ahead of the music times.
  • good one.
  • Heavy man
  • gosh, he was way a head of his time, i wish he was still alive,
  • Maestro Jimi!!
  • Groovy
  • Lovely
  • beautifully opening Bertolucci's Dreamers..
  • this makes me laugh so hard
  • Awesome...
  • nice..
  • Ah, that's on the 9 minute version by the way, some studio recording stuff before the song starts it seems
  • "That sounds like a lie to me!" Fun ^^
  • Feel good music. Loving it. Peace everyone.
  • "excuse me while I kiss the sky" . Magic.


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