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  • Woodson and Michelle with one "L" not even in the top 50 get up kids songs? WTF!?
  • There Are Rules is the best record they ever made, fact. [2]
  • Hey, we are Sunsets Are Forever and we would be really glad if u could check our new song and give us some feedback!
  • Fuckin A
  • Just Great
  • Amazing
  • New tour announced!
  • There Are Rules is the best record they ever made, fact.
  • FFO: four minute mile
  • Gaaaaaay
  • Guilt Show was actually pretty good. Remember how everybody got so shitty about on a wire so i didn't check it out for years to find out it's solid, ended up being my favorite. Now there are rules... No comment
  • I love this band, I really do. But the swarm of emo copycats that came after them... my god... I'm just glad that era is pretty much over (and has turned into the slightly less annoying metalcore copycats)
  • guilt show - one of their best!
  • Первые 2 альбома конечног весьма неплохи,дальше уже шляпа пошла
  • Why would that even be written? Guilt Show is easily their worst album
  • The website I write for did an album versus between Guilt Show and Something to Write Home About! Have a read!
  • v Yes?
  • Emo pop? wat
  • the get up kids, valentine, that good song for this day (February 14)
  • haduh beberepa jadi hits nostalgia saya
  • The Get Up Kids is wonderful! Recording music is my life. I always wanted to become a music producer. This year I finally achieved this. After extensive research I finally found the best software for music creation ever. Wanna find out more? check this out:
  • pockets still empty
  • Can I vomit on this band? HorRENdous.
  • Without the context of their old shit, There Are Rules is a great record.
  • hahaha is he seriously implying people follow fashion to be cool? good one. it's 2013, not 2007.
  • thanks for sharing substancex. glad to see you still have angst at 33 years old.
  • four minute mile is timeless.
  • substancex is 33 god damn years old and he's on picking faults with some other dude's appearance. ha fucking ha.
  • Bands change and people change. I love There Are Rules. It sounds like nothing they've ever done and that's because they took like five years off between records. It has moments of On A Wire and Guilt Show but it's weird while retaining the lovable pop sensibility. They don't need to apologize for shit anyway. They don't owe anybody anything.
  • I just pretend that record doesn't exist. Four Minute Mile and Something To Write Home About are all I'll ever need.
  • Did anybody from the band ever explain why There are Rules is so awful? Like did they every issue and apology or explain why they decided to hype up some reunion shit and then put that god awful album out? I want answers damnit!
  • Real emo :D
  • @itschinatown. I think he is, yeah.
  • Sorry for being an asshole. It's totally your business if you think that Sarah Palin glasses are a good look, so more power to you.
  • I hope that answered your question.
  • You WOULD think that, considering that you think black frame indie hipster glasses are still cool in 2013 when even people like Glenn Beck have taken to wearing them. Anyway - I was actually a big fan of the 90s wimp emo scene, and I think it started out with pure intentions. But by the end, most of the emo bands seemed to exist for the same insincere reason that pussyhound 80s hair-metal bands threw a saccharin "sensitive" ballad on every one of their albums.
  • You're kinda a prick, huh?
  • I probably couldn't get into these albums if I hadn't listened to them when they came out though. But putting them on now evokes beautiful 90s autumns for me and I love it. Man though - I can't believe how cloyingly pussyfied some of the lyrics are. The 90s emo scene really was fucking gross in a lot of ways.
  • I'm listening to this band for the first time since "Something to Write Home About" came out and I'm finding that I still really like their early stuff a lot. "Four Minute Mile" and everything before it was great. That whole insincere limp-wristed secret-date-rapist emo scene got really grotesque by the late 90s, but those earlier records still hold up.
  • I'm ok with the band changing styles, but "There are Rules" just wasn't very good, regardless of genre.
  • v sadly I have to agree :(
  • Guilt Show rules. There Are Rules does not.
  • For fans of Texas Is The Reason, Quicksand, Jawbreaker, Title Fight and Basement, check it out!
  • 96 to 99..get up kids was fantastic...!!!!
  • I did not like the last album (There Are Rules), does not have the signature sound of the band (Indie / Emo Rock), I prefer the "Four Minute Mile" or "Something To Write Home About"
  • no There Are Rules is worse
  • is it just me or does Guilt Show kinda suck compared to the rest?


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