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The Format

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  • One of my favorites, I love it so much.
  • and you don't seem tired when i'm not around
  • If I could "like" johnnylgt's comment, I would. Agreed.
  • one of the happiest songs to play on piano : )
  • cool.....
  • chilo
  • Ein Traum!
  • i can not even express how this song makes me feel its awesommmme x1000000000000000000000000000000
  • criminally underrated band.
  • Beautiful! Are there two bands named 'The Format', or are they quite versatile? I've heard material like this song which is great, but then I've heard whiny, screamy dashboard confessional style nonsense as well which I've skipped, purportedly also by 'The Format'. Curious...
  • this song takes me back. oh my goodness. good song though.
  • r.i.p. the format....
  • the piano is beautiful
  • Every time I listen to this song, I hear something new and beautiful.
  • parecido com The Polyphonic spree
  • :)
  • ^^
  • soooo cuuute <3_<3
  • Grande musicaaaaaaaaaa
  • Do you remember when we made love on the floor?
  • Ugh--get this crap out of my library immediately!!
  • LMAO
  • i feel like i'm at a circus. then when the "when we made love on the floor" part, i feel like i'm at a circus on acid
  • "Do you remember we made love on the floor?" Soooo beautiful.
  • hah kinda, but i still love the sound of it.
  • Holy shit, these lyrics are freakin depressing.
  • this format song is way different and different is good :]
  • i like singing along to this song :]
  • Its nice :]
  • there are better format songs, but this one is still lovely
  • =]
  • RIP format
  • The first song I ever heard by The Format. :) Got me hooked instantly.
  • Not my favorite Format song, but they're all amazing
  • eehh..
  • sounds like I'm on a carousal.
  • diggi dig
  • Wow
  • this is great... kind of sounds like the polyphonic spree, doesnt it?

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