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  • I really wish they'd stop doing stuff with Miley Cyrus. Not even hating just because it's her and "lol pop sucks" it's just that she's such a fucking edgy tryhard and it's so devastating to see the Lips working with her so much more now. I didn't care she was featured on their last album, but the fact that they produced one of her albums and are performing live with her is just so...ugh.
  • lol claiming that Soft Bulletin was their last decent record. sounds like someone's got boring tastes and hasn't kept up.
  • It's easy to get stuck in any particular Lips period (or album) and consider everything afterwards (or dissimilar) is garbage. But you can also appreciate each unexpected change. Wayne will go his own way, step by step. For me that makes The Flaming Lips interesting and exciting. YMMV
  • Well, thier music is quite interesting, I like it
  • Maglor_T: the 90s? must be, since the soft bulletin was their last decent record..
  • Remember when Wayne used to be cool?
  • Wayne is a fucking idiot. [2]
  • Wayne pls stop jumping the shark
  • Wayne pls
  • Mixing the Lips' sonic experimentation with Cyrus' voice really ought to work well. I was hoping for a Flaming Lips EP with guest vocals by Miley Cyrus. Instead we get a bloated and vapid Miley Cyrus album produced by Wayne Coyne. *Sigh*
  • Terror
  • Is it just me or their live shows are really fucking incredible?
  • I'm pretty sure it's all of their music starting with Soft Bulletin
  • V depends on the album, but Mystics most definitely is. also, if you're listening on itunes or spotify, almost everything will be.
  • is it just me or is all their music mastered REALLY FUCKING LOUD
  • that cover of Embryonic hangs in my kitchen, a large poster over my sink. I will lay on the table upside down and look at it tonight
  • read FiggeryJumbo's comment accidentally and got cancer and died. Thanks.
  • Is it just me? Or the cover of Embryonic upside down looks like a witch's face. Try to see her mouth like an eye and the space between the thumb and her cheek as another eye. An her left eye as a mouth. Taking a small cover image, it becomes easier to realize it.. if you can see, comment please. And sorry for my english.
  • With a Little Help from my Fwends is REALLY good. Geez, I thought Sgt. Peppers alone was a masterpiece of psychedelic rock, but this cover is SO MUCH experimental.
  • What happened is they have a bigger audience now, even among pop fans, so there's a greater number of trolls as well as people without a taste for experimental music. Almost every album they've released is gold.
  • Shouldn't comments from banned users be removed?
  • Agreed. They are a great band with a great audience.
  • I hope every single person that listens to The Flaming Lips dies of cancer how can you listen to this terrible terrible music
  • sls
    Wayne Coyne: "Recording with Miley Cyrus is always turnt as fuck"
  • Overrated, the only good things are covers and splits w/ other groups
  • Telephatic Surgery is good, best song is Hell Angel's Crack Factory.
  • well actually Steven made a lot of it. It was a real group effort
  • Wtf are you talking about?? Wayne is one of the best people in the whole world.
  • Catwister has some real advice for you there. It annoys me that he made an album as perfect as The Soft Bulletin.
  • Самая недооцененная группа современности. [3] Наряду с The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  • Do yourself a favor, enjoy the music, never look up the lead singer. You're welcome :3
  • embryonic is best album [2]
  • fulfilling
  • Never thought they could make a cover album worse than the Pink Floyd one. But their Beatles cover album is just so bad...
  • Самая недооцененная группа современности. [2]
  • anyone complaining about Wayne's supposed "tool"ism and using the fucking word tool, is a bag of farts who was never really a fan.
  • Still can't really get into this band.
  • Been listening to these guys since 2009 and they have easily become my favorite band. Their live shows are something everyone needs to experience.
  • ((artist does something in real life that i don't like)) "Hmm you know this album really isn't that great after all"
  • embryonic is best album
  • how about separating the art from the artist
  • It's a shame Coyne has turned out to be such a tool. I used to love this band. I can't even appreciate the Soft Bulletin or Clouds anymore.
  • Well… they weren't good as i expected by doing the sgt peppers. It was like dark side part 2. The album have a few good moments but in a whole it doesn't work
  • do you realize melhor faixa!
  • I still remember the first time I heard the Flaming Lips. I think they will always be my favorite band.
  • 80s lips are obviously the best
  • Самая недооцененная группа современности.


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