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  • Yes, porcelain_tree is so lucky. Reach The Beach was their finest hour. One of the best sounding bands ever.
  • @porcelain you're a lucky guy/women for me their best song is Walkabout
  • The Fixx were a cutting edge band with a cutting edge producer. Rupert Hine (look him up) helped define the 80's. I was lucky to see them in 1983 during their Reach the Beach tour. They were amazing.
  • Deeper and Deeper - Live-Video 1984 - 30 years ago - Older and Older
  • first two albums were great.
  • I'm surprised that Stand or Fall is #4 on the charts, it's the only song of theirs I've ever known and I expected this would be one of those cases where the chart was just basically that one track.
  • I really like this band! And their 1998 album Elemental was a surprising pleasure to hear on first listen the other day! :-) I love the 90's! (yes I love plenty of music from the 80's too) The Fixx remind me of A-ha & The Thomson Twins. Maybe Cy Curnin's voice over their rock sound?
  • After 9/11 and the subsequent political fallout, Cy Curnin, front man of The Fixx, moved to France and became an organic farmer. But Curnin never left his past behind. In fact, he has a lot to say about his songs from 30 years ago because in many ways, The Fixx are more relevant than ever:
  • Wow this band has 1/20 the plays of Dire Straits, that is very very very sad!
  • New one's pretty good.
  • risking points on my artistic license...
  • Probably my fav 80s new wave band
  • Happy Birthday Cy Curnin!
  • stellar!!
  • Hey guys!... it's been a looong time. : )
  • They need more play
  • Painfully underrated! I love their stuff so much!
  • What should I say to this all, look at my nick-name....
  • great song...
  • This band made the 80's bearable to listen to.
  • I really enjoy listening to Stand Or Fall... what a great tune!
  • I saw them live maybe 2 years ago... they are fabulous.. sounded great
  • If you like the Fixx, and other 80's funk new wave pop, you'll love Sayso: FREE DOWNLOAD!
  • not even a mil?
  • There is definitely not enough love given to Calm Animals
  • The Fixx should be huge!!!! Hope the new album will be a massive success!
  • Love the Fixx and want to collect all vinyl albums..Now I stand by the count of five..I'm gonna get all of this fantastic stuff!!
  • Great band! Too bad they don't tour Europe anymore these days...;-(
  • One of my all-time favorites. In my humble of the FEW bands from that era that could have had a career in the 60's as all...(when the competition was really tough).
  • Clearly a underrated band, Deeper and Deeper is a F good song!
  • The band is indeed underrated. Ocean Blue - is one of the best songs ever. In my opinion their best album is Phantoms and it is not listened here at all!!!!!!
  • Great band, the fixx.. Rules!!
  • I think they had a secret weapon in Jamie West-Oram who infused great guitar work in their tunes.
  • Tomebarns is right - really underrated. "Secret Separation" is a great song and never got the radio airplay in the States that it should have.
  • the Fixx are on the top of my list of great bands ...
  • we need more like this to come out great music great sound
  • we're playing them... solid 80's.
  • Solid. Surprises me that they have so few plays. Play them more, fags.
  • espectacular , magica
  • Love Saved By Zero and Red Skies, great band.
  • The Fix----Way-Way Under rated....
  • vice city!
  • I love the Fixx. Probably the best band of the new wave-genre.
  • Amsterdam lässt Grüßen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hüb Hüb Hurra.
  • As always amazing musicianship, presentation and songwriting. Since first seeing them live in 1983 till now they have always been in my top 5. So glad they still tour!
  • comunicate pull out your party "peace"
  • such a damn good band
  • I can't believe they still have less than 200K plays, when there are many no-hit wonders at with more than that. C'mon everybody, rediscover this great band!
  • Is there a way they can fix vanity angel? it is by FIXX, an alias for Naoki, one of the main artists for Dance Dance Revolution. He is the rightful artist to that song.
  • YAY Streamable... finally! ThankYOU!~


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