• Title Association Challenge

    Jun 19 2007, 22h24 por HopelesslySane

    Thist was taken by Stubbsy67. It seemed fun.

    Aim: Use shuffle to pick a song from your library, if it's a one word title click next to choose another. The idea is to associate titles to form a chain, getting
    back to the original song using as close to 15 songs as possible (will allow one either side!). You must abide by the following rules!

    1. No repeats of songs (including alternate/live/demo versions) or linking words. For example, if you went from Angel of Mercy to Angel of Death you couldn't then link to Avenging Angels as this would be reusing the Angels link.
    2. For this reason, no one word songs!
    3. Linking words must be 'significant'. Yes I know this is quite vague, but using the example above again, you can't use the word 'of' from Angel of Death to link to as it would just give far to many options! Therefore you'd have to link to 'Death'. This applies for other small or joining words such as in, the, a, I, we etc.
    4. …